In seat or online, which is better?


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From those in an NP program already I have a couple of questions. Which is better: in seat classes or online classes? Please do not answer with "which ever way you learn better", I would appreciate some indepth knowledgeable answers. If you're in an online program what are the challenges you are facing?

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I like in class better. You get the chance not only to ask questions, but to hear questions others ask which could be beneficial to you. I also love the friendships that I have made with some of my fellow students! These are the people I turn to when my family and friends don't understand why for the 1,000th time, I, sitting in the library on Friday night instead of hanging out with them. Good luck whatever you decide.


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I prefer online. Did my BSN, and ANP that way and am now doing my DNP online. I slept through lectures when I had to sit in them. I just don't learn that way. Oh, I did my ASN live cause I had to, and it was after that that I went to an all online format except clinical, which I did locally. I loved it. Still keep in touch with classmates. The biggest thing for me was that I controlled the time of day I studied and responded on the discussion boards, so I did it when I tended to like being awake. It really is personal preference in some ways and how you learn.

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I am doing online FNP. It has definite advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that I can study when I have time and I have the flexibility of taking a tablet to do my studies if I need to (books are online). Another is that I do not have to drive 90 minutes one way to go to school. Disadvantages...LOTS of writing. You do not have to comfort of a classroom setting, so your participation is in the discussion forums and writing papers (no tests). Another disadvantage is having to arrange your own clinicals, but if you have been out in the field working, you probably have a good idea of where you may want to do your rotations (no acute setting unless that is what you are going for). One last disadvantage is cost. Most of the online programs do cost more than traditional state universities, but there are a LOT of schools that offer the opportunity to do online, so you just have to research the cost and time. Good luck!