In need of an RN's help!


Hi everyone,

I have an assignment due in 2 days which requires me to interview a nurse about their leadership role. I am really not one to leave things to the last minute but the nurse who agreed to help me a couple weeks ago has been MIA and now I am panicked. If any RNs have a moment to answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated! Please respond to them in a private message not on the thread.

Here are the questions (even if you only answer a few, it helps!)

What is your job title & area of nursing?

Do you see yourself as a leader in nursing?

What path led to your leadership?

Do you have a particular style of leadership?

Are there any nursing leaders who influenced or inspired you?

What have been some challenges to being a leader?

Have you faced any barriers to leadership? (Such as power, gender or role issues, policies, scheduling, etc.)

What are skills do you think are important for leadership?

Do you have any advice for nursing student on how to be successful in nursing leadership?

Do you see the role of RNs changing in the future in regards to leadership? What effects do you think this will have?

Thank you very much for your time! :nurse: