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I am currrently a pre-nursing student I transferred from a school in Texas to a local college here in florida to take my pre-reqs. I have 4 more classes left to conclude my prereq. & until I get into the program. My dream is to either become Nurse Anesthesia or Nurse Practioner. But not quite sure how I should do it. I was thinking should I go straight through with a BS in Nursing if so what are some recommended schools OR graduate with a BS in Health Science and do the BSN accelerated Nursing program? And next year Jan I will be applying for Nursing schools in Florida!

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I'm not in nursing school yet, but I'd just go ahead and get the BSN unless year after year you can't get in or don't feel like waiting then I'd get the health sciences, otherwise I'd just get the BSN.

On the flip side it may be beneficial to get the health sciences if you're going to become an NP as far as preventative education for the public (depends on what kind of NP ur going to be), but for a NA I'd get a BSN for sure.

I'm not one for waiting and waiting for a waiting list to dry up, I like to get in and get working. So that kind of influences my suggestion. good luck!

I am a nursing student in florida. I would 100% say go for the bsn. anywhere you go they want a bsn to get into ANY masters degree program. the only exception is if you have a bachelors in another area. (which I have) then there are gap programs for those students. as far as schools to go to thats kinda hard to say. there are tons of schools that offer msn and bsn program. depends on where you are moving to. i am in south florida

Thank you soooooooo Much you all and I'm going for the BSN! Thank you

One more thing to consider...there are some schools that offer RN-to-MSN programs. You could always get an ADN and then do one of those. It combines some of the classes for a BSN and an MSN so that you don't have to take something twice. However, I agree with kenpochic...if you already know that you want to do an MSN in the future, then why not go for the BSN now? It'll save you time later.

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