IN Need of a job/ExPerience none out there Dialysis new grad???? Please help

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Hi! Im running out of my new grad tittle I graduated in May 2008, took kaplan and tested first time in August. Failed first time very sad and decided to do kaplan again for 3 months, finally three months later december 2009 took nclex Passed!!! started Job Search. I have put my resume AROUND....Im getting allot of Im sorry were looking for experienced nurses and not looking to train new grads right now. I even applied nursing homes and they want experience....Im soooo frustrated times ticking im forgetting things and I dont even know what I want anymore.

So I just had an interview with a dialysis clinic that went pretty well, I must say I got really scared taking a tour but she didnt want to take me in for the 6 month training until I really decide that dialysis nursing is for me.

I went home and thought about it and decided that it would be something to start with but then I went on the Specialty nursing forum and kept reading other nurses comments back to other people who were in the same boat i am and it was Dont GO for it as a new grad!!! Oh man what to do?????

I know med surge is important but I am not getting in anywhere and I need to get EXPERIENCE. Im starting to really get scared and I really love nursing.

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I would take the dialysis job because in this economy something is better than nothing. Then...after you get some experience there (and it will take 6-12 months), then branch out by taking a prn position in a more acute environment. Hopefully (fingers crossed) the economy will rebound and there will be more jobs available. In the meantime, continue to go to job fairs, apply for jobs, etc


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I agree, take it! Dialysis will become a big biz in a few years with the aging baby boomers. I think I read an article that said 600,000 will be needing dialysis in 2010. This is double the number of patients in 2003. As I recall, the government is mandated to pay for the services so with patients coming in 3 days a week, you will probably have a decent job for quite a while!

At this point, any job as an RN is better than no experience at all. Go for it! Maybe you will be a manager of dialysis facility in a few years??


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What matters is what is in your heart. If you enjoy the dialysis setting, go for it. I have known people that have started out in dialysis right out of school and have ended up retiring from dialysis. They loved it. I have also known people that have tons of Med-Surg and ICU experience and can't swing it. Do something you enjoy and you will do fine. Listen to your heart and go for it.

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