In need of comfy nursing shoes (school)

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Hey everyone, I have this pair of nursing shoes that are torture to my feet.... i have cuts on my feet because of these things!! My feet hurt so bad, any really comfy shoes out there? They can't be clogs :*(


Read through the threads on the first page that are already asking for shoe recommendations. those posters got a ton of really good tips! are nice

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Alegria Shoes and $59 Closeout Alegria Shoes from the Original Alegria Shoes Shop

These shoes rock, period! They come in the "mary jane" option which is the closed back. They are the only shoes that do not kill me on a 12 hr ICU shift.

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I bought Dr. Scholl's from walmart with built-in gel inserts for $25. Worked great and not too heavy or 'clunky'.

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