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In California, how long does it take to get a license #?

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After pasing the state's skills exam, how long does it take to get your CNA license number in California? Does it take all 16 weeks?


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I passed my State Test in San Jose more than 1 month ago and I was told that my Certificate would arrive within 16 weeks and if I didn't receive by then I would have to call that number that they provided. I think that the certificate is not necessary take up to 16 weeks to receive it cos we might receive before that, just my opinion.

Thank you! I just found a number. That gives me the process to my certificate. I'll be waiting a long time according to what I found in the automatic information system. I took the state exam two weeks ago and they "haven't received the results from the Red Cross."

Thank You again!

Sixteen weeks!? Are you allowed to work as a CNA while you're waiting for your certificate?

Yes, 16 weeks, or more in the mean time I lost two good job offers. I need a CNA's schedule that's why I took the test.

Nursing homes maight hire you while you're waiting. The ones I've applied didn't.

I have been waiting for over a year for my license. I have called the public health department so many times I have lost track. You never get to talk to anyone but instead stay on hold. I visited them and they blamed the DOJ and my school. I talked the DOJ that confirmed they passed my livescan on to the public health department. I believe these are the laziest employees ever or the department is grossly mismanaged. I lost possible hospital jobs and I am currently going to school for Nursing. I am about to change my major if this is the b.s. I have to deal with!

Good luck!


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