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improving speed?

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I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks for speeding up? I try to cluster care and anticipate which does save me time. My IV starts and lab draws have gotten faster too. Still not as quick as more seasoned ER nurses, but improving. Anyway, does anyone have any time saving tricks besides delegating?

CraigB-RN, MSN, RN

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If your improving, just keep doing what your doing. Don't sacrifice accuracy for speed.


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It's just a matter of repetition and time to improve your speed. As long as you are practicing safe, that's all that matters. If one of your pt's is critically ill and needs most of your focus, then your stable pt's can wait. Whenever I get a new pt, I review the triage chief complaint and pt history and try to anticipate what the MD will be ordering as far as labs, diagnostics. If you have a female pt under the age of 55, automatically request urine and run a pregnancy test. If your Pt is Chest Pain and SOB, large bore IV in the AC in case they order a CTA and so that you're not going back and doing a second IV. Stuff like that saves time. Good luck


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