I'm working my first day as an RN monday


And I'm terrorfied.

I worked as a tech a week before I broke my ankle. I got my licenses a few weeks ago, during my work hiatus for the ankle.

I'm so nervous. I'm so afraid I'm going to make an error. I'm very excited about the department I am working in, because its honestly the nicest group of nurses I've ever had the pleasure of being around.

I'm fearful I will not be able to be organized. I'm afraid of looking stupid. I'm afraid that I'll say or do something wrong.

I'm just nervous I guess. I want to do such a good job and I'm very afraid of failing.

I could really use some words of wisdom, or advice for 'first day' jitters.


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Well don't be too nervous at first, you will be with a preceptor and not alone, start worrying after orientation! haha! Sorry!

There will times when you make mistakes, it is part of learning, just work on prioritizing, I know everything seems super important, but figure what will keep the patient safe and do that first, charting can always be done later on, and trust your gut, if something is telling you a pt is going bad you are probably right!

And listen to your pt, they know themselves better then anyone, if they tell you something, it's probably right on!

Be patient with yourself! Prioritization and organization do not happen overnight, I know nurses that have worked in ICU and have 20 yrs of experience and can't keep anything organized, sharing a med room with her is so fun!

Remember teamwork, always be willing to help someone out, you never know when you will need there help! Be kind to nursing assistants and unit clerks, these people are your best friends, when you don't have the time to wipe a rear or take off an order, they are there for you! Love them and cherish them!

Good luck!! Stick with it, things only get better!:redbeathe

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