I'm working in dialysis but will be doing a Psych NP program. Should I quit my job?

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So I'm enrolled in a Psych NP program for the fall semester. I recently took a job in acute dialysis back in early March and am in training for it now since I figured it may be easier with my school schedule (I used to work night shift in a MICU and knew it wouldn't work well for me). But now I'm thinking I should be in a Psych RN job instead while in school. Should I stay in this dialysis job while doing my online NP program even though it's unrelated to my NP program? Or should I plan on quitting and getting a Psych RN job instead?

All else being equal, I believe working in psych would enrich your educational experience immensely. The opposite also true.

while working in the content area will always be helpful, there are plenty of NPs in Wound Care, Cardiology, Surgery, Palliative care/Hospice, GI and other content areas that never actually worked in that content area as a RN. If your schedule doesn't work with it, then it just doesn't. If that's the case, pick the brain of a great psych NP and find out what you can do on your own to learn more about psych.

I worked as a acute dialysis nurse traveling to hospitals while i worked on my Np degree, and it worked out wonderful! Also I have applied to two post psych programs just waiting on acceptance.

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