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im not sure im not smart enough for nursing...?

by BarnesTyler BarnesTyler (New) New

i've always wanted to get into the medical field. i took fire science classes and passed that pretty good. once i found out that i have to volunteer for many years before i can even be considered becoming a FT firefighter, i put that on hold.

ive decided to try nursing. thing is.... im not SMART. i struggle in math. but do ok in other topics. i dont know what else i want to do besides medical, saving lives. sigh so should i try to go for nursing?

i have no kids, no life really. ill have plenty of study time.

how hard is nursing school? tougher than Fire Science aka firefighting school? (never got my EMT because i need to make a decedent living before i can volunteer the time i have..)

Ill be taking CNA classes next month. dont have that yet.


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pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, BarnesTyler:

I view being in nursing school more of a perseverance, disciplined, attitude, and pressing on attitude vs. being smart enough. That stated, it is hard. At our RN school, everyone in my class who came in with a 4.0 GPA lost their 4.0 GPA in the first semester. Some of those who came in with all A's are barely making C's (though some are still doing B's and A's here and there depending on the class).

If you are disciplined enough to follow through, stay upon tasks, persevere through happy and sad times, and have an overall good attitude, that can carry you miles.

Thank you.


Do not sell yourself short. Nursing school is hard, but it's also doable. I have struggled with math and science my whole life and I graduate from my BSN program in 59 days í ½í¸€ If you're motivated and have already acknowledged you'll need to make a lot of time to study, you're doing ok :)


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You may need a math tutor.. If you have plenty of time then you should be in good shape.. It's mostly just time consuming and you have to be tough.. You don't have to be really memorizey smart to be a nurse.. I did well being a conceptual learner / just getting a good idea of how things work. My school said conceptual learners will do well. You'll need to develop a propensity for critical thinking but they'll help you with that. Most people in my school didn't get super outstanding grades, but if you have SOME natural learning abilities (whether it's kinesthetic, social/ group, common sense, visual), and don't have a bad learning disability then you'll get by. Long story short , you can probably do it .