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I'm relocating to Madison and need some help!!!

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I will be relocating to Madison in March and am looking for input on great places to work. I have my BSN and have been working in the Medical ICU at an academic hospital for 3 years. I love my job and really want a new place I can call home.

I have been considering UW, Meriter, and St. Mary's, but am having trouble finding openings in the MICU. Although trying something new could be exciting, I have also been considering hooking up with a nursing agency in the area and getting a feel for the different hospitals before I pick a place. Any one know any good agencies in Madison I should contact?


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i moved away from madison in 1985, so i don't have recent knowlege. i worked at both meritor (back when it was mgh) and the uw, and i'd recommend the uw. i actually worked in their micu for a couple of years, and loved it there. but if no micu opening, why not try cardiac or trauma? good luck with your move . . . i'm kinda jealous! my family is all back there, and hubby and i have considered taking a travel assignment there just to spend some time with them!


I work at Meriter. UW and Meriter are unionized and are better places to work than St Mary's, St Mary's doesn't want you unless you are willing to sign up for call {I think it's] a shift a payperiod. UW separates their ICU's and Meriter has just one. Both have low turnover but it does happen so keep checking their websites. Meriter rarely uses agency, I don't know about the UW so the agency route might only let you see the outlying hospitals. Good Luck!


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There are some good hospitals in Madison. PRN nursing agency in Spring Prairie is a good place to start if you want to do agency. Other areas might be an option. There is Stoughton Hospital, smaller but nice. Janesville is about 30 min south of Madison, Mercy Hospital is nice and have 16 bed ICU. Beloit Hospital in Beloit, where I currently work is bigger than Stoughton but smaller than Mercy but equally nice. Just some ideas of what you could look into. Just more options even if I am partial to Beloit. The turn over is low with really good nurse to pt ratio. In Beloit's icu, vent pt's typically 1-1 or if stable 2-1, dt pts 1-1, otherwise depends on pt censous and acutity, some really good nurses to work with too.


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St. Marys is a good place to work with a low turnover. They are the only magnet hospital in Madison. I believe they even have several ICU openings at this time.

May I ask where you decided to work? I'm wondering how it's going...


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Medical Staffing Network is another agency that works alot in Madison - I worked for them for three years. They have an office in Madison and one in Brookfield.

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