I'm a NEWBIE:in NY, future NCLEX taker, and in allnurses.

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hello to all!

i am very new to this site and i think this will actually help me in my future nursing career.

i made this thread to hear out fellow nurses' suggestions and i am very open to anything that will be of help towards my goal.

i am a bsn graduate of 2010 and just passed the NLE back in the philippines, got my license too, (thinking that it would at least give me an edge *or if not* help into taking the nclex, to be exposed with sooo many critical thinking questions)

i just moved here in NYC, i have a general plan to take but is completely vague, I am at least taking it one step at a time since i consider those 'inevitable chances that will happen'.

I barely know anyone here and i am currently adjusting, I rely on the internet sources as well about the nursing career at the state i am in,just like this site.

So far right now, I gave myself a 1month rest/period-of-adjustment before I resume my plans, and now that I am here I plan to take the NCLEX examinations first or the CGFNS (if that must come first before NCLEX since i graduated from a foreign country), I have my papers (diploma,birth certificate,school records etc.) and if there's anything i am lacking i just follow it up.

I want to work soon as I want to help myself progress and my family too.

If anyone with a goodheart outthere who can give me suggestions what to do,, please do, i will surely thank you alot

A sidestory-I am continuously being tried to get discouraged by people's stories that I hear that it is a 'hell-of-a-competition' out there,survival of the fittest as they say. Physically speaking, I am in my early 20's in a young body. If a normal person from the west would look at me, "what?you're a college graduate?but you look so young", i admit the fact that most institutions would deny hiring 'young-looking' applicants. Evenso, I am also abit depressed with that, I also admit the modern fact that adults won't take those below 25y/o seriously(what more if were talking about 'adult-looks'), but I am not discouraged at all, I am an optimist and i take things positively, it really doesn't affect me much unless I try it out so that i can always alter my path if ever it fails me.

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It sounds like you have a plan. I'm not sure what you are asking

^ahaha oh yeah im sorry about that,.yeah i do have a plan but after reading posts/stories about newly grads having a hard time to practice nursing career,now i'm abit anxious of what i should do..im afraid to take the wrong path and get messed up,.,hm maybe this is where my question comes in...'what kind of nursing career will suit me' if field nursing doesn't really suit me at all. and 'what can you suggest to a newly grad,future nclex taker like me to be able to step up on the career ladder'. thanks again for noticing this thread!

anxious freak here, i just worry too much about everything..

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You need to meet state requirements before you can sit NCLEX and as a foreign trained nurse that will more than likely involve CGFNS or some other company that the state approves that assesses transcripts. If you haven't already started the process with a state then looking at roughly 4-8 months before you get eligibility to sit NCLEX depending on documentation and state

hi there. i'm a nursing student in the philippines and about to graduate in april. just wanna know what ever happened to your plan? :)

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