Im new here..... warn me


Hi Im 100% newbie. Like not even enrolled in school just looking into my options.

My dream: to one day become a Certified Nurse-Midwife

My plan: I live very close to NY City Tech, an in-state school whose tution is only $5500 which I should be able to cover with Pell Grant. I will be going for my associate's

My problem: Im a mom and I cant afford to NOT work, at least part time.

My solution: Take all the pre-req classes full time while working partime, then when the intense nursing classes begin possibly switch to part time and work part time. (hopefully at a birthing center)

Am I being realistic at all???? Am I ever going to see my husband and daughter???


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You could consider taking prerequisites online.

SUNY Cayuga has Anatomy and Physiology I and II as well as Microbiology with lab - 4 credits each...they have other sciences as well.

I took each one. They are not easy A's. It takes a lot of self direction and dedication. The benefit is you do not have to leave your home and you can work on it any time of day.

Tests are timed as are quizzes and the lab component for Micro is rigorous but again you are home and not in a lab for 3 hours a week.

It is a SUNY school so there should be no problem transferring...although always check before registering.

My transcript does not list online course...there is no differentiation.


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Is there anyway you can work on the weekends only? If so then you life would be a 10x easier.