I'm lost....


Hey guys. I need advice. So im a CNA and my goal is to get my BSN. I want to own my own nursing home or home heath agency in the near future but as of right now im looking into being a wound nurse.

My delimma is where to work. When I got my CNA I was lucky enough to get hired at a Major hospital my city. I was so happy to get that job. I have been applying to that hospitals for years trying to get in doing anything. Long story short I hated being a PCA. I worked 3 12's on nights which was awesome but I got totally used and abused. I was on a med surg unit and usually the only tech. They called me for EVERYTHING! I had 10 patients and split between two nurses. I had to do all the vitals, labs, bathroom, call lights... It was horrible so I quit. But now i need to go back but im scared. I know that sounds crazy but that job really stressed me out.

Im getting my QMA in the spring but nursing home use a QMA as a CNA and I really dont want to have to take care of 15 residents. So now im lost dont know what to do. Sorry so long... didnt mean to wright my life story lol

You only had 10 patients? That is a great ratio compared to most.

Where I work med surg PCA is 15:1, some nights they are 30:1 if the other PCA calls off.

ICU is 12:1. ER only has 2 tech for 18 rooms + however many are in the hallway (another 18 or more at times).

If you want to work as a PCA, you will need to learn to manage 10+ patients.


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Oh wow! I know dozens of people who would take your 10 patients in a heartbeat! Try 35 patients and being the only PCT:wideyed:...unfortunately that is the way it is all over. Being a PCT is an exhausting job, but if you don't enjoy what you do whether you have 30 pts or 3 pts going back to your old job isn't going to help any.


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Omg! What! Idk where you guys work but that is ridiculous! I was working at the sickest hospital in my state so these wasnt your average med/surg patients. And I worked on a GI unit. I was told to that ot was a bad unit so I am going to apply to different units and hopefully the nurses help on those floors. Thanks guys u have really opened my eyes. If u guys can do that many than its all abt organization.