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Hi guys!!! What a difference nine months makes.

Backstory, caught diverting back in April. Hadn't been doing it long, about 6 weeks but still. Surrendered my license, went to treatment, been out of work since then. Been through some legal consequences, in the Ohio Alternatives program. Lots of eyes watching what I'm doing. Got my restricted license back on November 25th and started applying, which was unfortunate timing in this economy and the holidays looming.

The good news is that I had one interview last week (LTC, subacute rehab) and another interview today (chronic long term psychiatric/MRDD) and one in dialysis thursday afternoon...but I wanted to say WOW! Neither of these interviewees looked at me like I had three heads, their eyes didn't glaze over and tune me out when I had to explain the diversion, the restricted license, any of it. I guess I was worried about the embarrassment and the shame that I'm still trying to get rid of. I was able to hold my head high, look my interviewer in the eye and totally nail the interviews. One woman told me she appreciated being so honest and up front about everything and BOTH were really impressed that I was so articulate and open about what happened. It was a relief to be myself and to hold my head up high.

This wasn't meant to be a brag post (not entirely anyways) but I thought it might offer some encouragement and strength to others. I am blessed to be part of a pretty forgiving profession. I don't know if any of the facilities will actually offer me a position, but I am relieved that I've done well through the interviews.


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Hi MizChelle!

Good for you, I hope you get a position that you'll be happy in. I just finished interviewing for jobs and found one that was better than the job I left after being caught for diversion. I can't wait to get back to the job I love, and I hope it isn't long before you get hired.