I'm hired (fired a year ago)!


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      I've never been fired as a nurse
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      I came close to getting fired, but resigned instead
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      I came close to getting fired, but stayed on and it all worked out
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      I've been fired, but rehired as a nurse
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      I've been fired and didn't return to nursing

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I wanted to share the good news! I was terminated from my job as a home health nurse a year ago on Halloween (read all about it: You’re Fired: The Story of How I Lost My Job and Gained My Calling - Safety First Nursing). I followed some good advice (don't be vindictive to your former employer, volunteer, network, create opportunities) from some great nurses (nurse Beth and Donna Cardillo ROCK). I was completely honest on my application and in my interview and though it was hard, it was healing as well. I am on the road to recovery! THANK YOU for being on allnurses.com - the support we all give each other means so much.

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Thanks for sharing your story and update


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I'm so happy for you!

But wait a minute.... is this some sort of an "Ad"? :woot:

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I'm so happy for you!

But wait a minute.... is this some sort of an "Ad"? :woot:

Good question! It is an "ad" in the sense that I am letting you know I have some good information to share - I want people to read my work so I can get feedback, and to get my message out there. I had a really bad experience when I got fired, I felt shame and a loss of self-confidence and I didn't know what to do or where to turn - so I turned to writing and research! I just want you to know what resources are available and that there is hope. I blog, podcast and make videos because I am passionate about patient safety, and because it's fun, and because it helps me heal. When I have something to offer, I am worthy. Does that help? I so appreciate the question because it lets me know to explain myself more in the future - the folks at allnurses are really good about catching anyone trying to sell something, FYI.