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I'm finally going to be a real nurse!!!


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So I work at a elementry school as a health assistant basically a assistant to the nurse but she is only here 2 days out of the week. So I am here most of the time, and is reffered to as one of the school nurses but I'm only a certified MA. Teachers joke around saying I'm the pretend nurse, but now I'm finally going to be a real nurse. I am so excited I just got my acceptance letter for nursing school!!!:D I have waited so long and its finally happened :D I'm finally going to be a real nurse!:nurse:


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It is so exciting isn't it? Great job and I wish you the best of luck!


Congrats...and one bit of advice:

You're not "just" anything. I know that sounds simplistic and stupid, but I'm telling you it's important. I was a proud CMA for 18 years prior to starting nursing school. It was a great profession that served me and my family well all those years.

When you start classes, you are NOT "just" a first semester student. When you step onto the floor for clinicals, you are NOT "just" a nursing student. You are a medical professional who is seeking to further your ability to care for patients! You have experience and knowledge to bring to the situation that can really help make your patients better -- even on Day One.

Be proud of where you've been - it's taking you to where you want to be! No more "only" or "just" for you!!