I'm so excited.... Nursing School is a possiblity again!

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Hi everyone.

I'm just in need of sharing my good news! Feel free to ignore me!

I'm supposed to start an LPN program in August of 2012. I took my TEAS, got all my shots and tests, paperwork, references, interviews etc... My husband and I were going over our finances and it became clear that I didn't have the $5000 needed to pay for the program. As much as some people think that $5000 is such a small amount that a loan should be no problem, I cannot bring on another debt.

I've been actively searching for a job with no luck, until today. I found the perfect job. It's the perfect hours, only 20 hours a week and more than enough to make my $5000 goal. It's with a friend AND in my neighborhood. I'm very happy that Nursing school is still in the cards!

Ok, you can go back to your lives now :-)

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Congratulations.. and I also commend you on your fiscal conservatism. Many of us are going to be envying you when you are working loan free and we're paying back massive debt.



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Congratulations!! I thought I was going to be out of luck in the finance department as well, but it looks like things are falling into place for me as well :) I'm glad to hear you're able to work it out too!



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That is awesome :) Good luck!!