I'm excited!!!! (new job at old, historic hospital)

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Sorry, I just wanted to share this with all of the members of this forum!

Tomorrow I'm going for an interview at the second oldest mental health institution in the US; Eastern State Hospital in Lexington, KY.

Many people think that I'm nuts, but... WOW!! I'm this >

I just love psyche nursing, I feel like I'll be great at it... I feel so much more confortable with it. And Eastern State has lots of positions open, so I'm confident that I will get hired. I do kinda worry about WHY there are so many positions available, yeah, but I figure it's because it's a rather scary place to work. Some of the patients are VERY VERY sick... it's an old, very scary looking building.... and it's in a BAD part of town (the one part that actually does kinda scare ME).

But, I'm so intrigued by the place. I'm a huge fan of old, scary buildings. And I'm a huge fan of psyche nursing. It's perfect! :p I do really hope I get hired! Cross your fingers for me!

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Awesome. Good luck!

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