im confused about ISU


I'm confused about ISU... how does it work?

So i know that ISU accepts pre-reqs from other schools but there's something about them not accepting all of them? And what does "testing out" mean? Do i have to take a test for every class?

What about the ones I've completed at a JC?

Also, how long do I have to be an LVN before I can start the ISU program? Oh yah... and i know that after the pre-reqs are completed, we have to apply... what if we dont get accepted or something? What happens to the money?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help! :uhoh3:


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I would definitely call and get your answers straight from them. Everything else is just hearsay and you don't really want to go by just that. :) I posted a link on your other thread...should be a phone number on there.

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