im very clueless about majoring in nursing


hii im a hs grad and i haven't started college yet, i didnt want to go to a 4 yr college and didnt know what i wanted to major in until now. Im very instrested in nursing but im a bit lost i been reading some forums and info about nursing schools and programs but im still clueless. I live in ny and from reading these forums it seems that is hard to get into some colleges ..basically i need help understand the requirements and everything else about nursing ..can some one please help me ..:confused::rcgtku:

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What I would do is scope out some of the colleges near you and see what their requirements are.

Community Colleges offer LPN and Associate degree RN

Four year schools offer a bachelors of nursing.

What road to take is up to what fits the best for you.

The common requirements for nursing school is that you take a semester or two of pre-reqs. These tend to be general classes such as English Comp, Interpersonal Communicaton, Psych, math and several science classes such as Chem, General Biol, Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology. These all vary by which school and program you decide to try for.


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i been looking up colleges around my area and i been reading things about them in this website and they dont seem good ... i really dont want to go to a 4 yr college is there a way i can go to a 2 yr college and take nursing classes or do i have to have college credits in order to do that and thanks you

go to your local community college and talk to an advisor, we can't spell out specifics because every school is different. at this point you can start working on your english and math , speech pre-reqs while you figure out what you want to do. good luck.

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