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Hi, I'm very new at this so please be patient with me :) I've researched the LPN program with Wilbur Wright College at the Humbolt Park Vocational Education Center in Chicago, IL. Has anyone... Read More

  1. by   adek
    I submitted an application to wilbur wright Lpn with a gpa of 3.5 and teas score of 54% and i have a cna,can someone tell me do I have a chance of been accepted and am really looking into another school northwestern institute.What is the admission procedure to wilbur wright after getting an email,or should I just face northwestern institute,please i need some advice.Thanks.
  2. by   romaja

    do not even think twice about northwestering institute in chicago or skokie, they are very unprofessional and biased unless you are asian and have alot of extra money to waist i would run as far away from northwestern vocational school as possible. the school owes myself and other woman money from there which we will never see again. and im just glad i realized before it was too late, how the staff and school operates. i am not sure what lpn or rn program i will be attending but hopefully something will come my way to succeed i wish the same for you. take care now.

  3. by   adek
    romaja,I am not asian and I must admit they are very unprofessional and rude,did you take your prerequisite from them?I would have preferred ambria,but its over an hour drive from my house and I have to come up with $5000 since my financial aid will not be enough which I cannot afford,but the good thing about northwestern is that they now have financial aid and full tuiton covered,but they come up with unnecessary money that you have to pay put of pocket,am so hoping for wilbur wright,hopefully I get into their program,I need someone from wilbur wright to give me their information and admission criteria,hopefully I get into their program,I am so confused.
  4. by   adek
    Please did anyone get acceptance letter from wilbur wright for the LPn class starting in January.Thanks and any information would be appreciated.
  5. by   Iyoka
    Quote from adek
    Please did anyone get acceptance letter from wilbur wright for the LPn class starting in January.Thanks and any information would be appreciated.
    I think we're probably in the same boat, Iv'e been waiting in on an acceptance letter or email since October.I've
    called every week for the last three weeks and have recieved the same answer every week."They'll be out this week".I just don't know what to do any more this crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   MaleCNA87
    Hi Adek and Iyoka,

    I am planning to apply to the Wright LPN program. Would you guys be able to answer a few questions for me? I've been trying to call them but no answer.

    Do all the pre-requisite courses have to be completed by the application deadline?

    Do you guys know what the application deadlines are? I tried looking for this information online but it is all outdated.

    Thanks and I hope you guys hear from the school soon! I know how frustrating waiting can be!!
  7. by   aboveallpower
    Has anyone received an email yet from Wright college for the LPN summer2012?
  8. by   mant
    i am currently in the program and its just the most stressful and disorganized program ever
  9. by   aboveallpower
    why you said that, Please? Beside, are students able to pass their tests at this school? What is the average of students who passed or failed in the class? Thanks for your reply
  10. by   btorres51
    i went yeaterday to their orientation and they gave us an application for the january 2013.. they told us we had to take the teas test and we had to find out all the info online at the ccc.edu website.i go to the website and it gives me this other website atites.com i made a username and password and it says north western is the closest college that does teas testing i call northwestern and they tell me there teas test is only for those who are going to go to the northwestern school.. can anyone please help me or give me advise on what to do cause nobody else would help they tell me just to go online thanks!
  11. by   catrina387
    Hello all!

    I was just accepted into Wright's LPN program for summer 2012, Which starts June 11th. Is anyone else going to this same program? Maybe we can start a group or something. Also, what is the schedule for day AND evening classes? I'm officially registering this mon. Thanks!
  12. by   aboveallpower
    Hello "btorres51"
    You don't have to call Northwestern for your TEAS test. You just have to apply on the ATItesting.com to take your test at any place you want to do so. I took my ATI testing at Northwestern on March 16, 2012, and I didn't tell them my intention. They asked me no question.; I just went take my test. Go apply to take the test, and do not tell them that you are there for Wright College.
  13. by   aboveallpower
    Hello "catrina"
    i am also in the program for sum2012. My email is belojo2003@yahoo.fr . Send me an email so I could have yours. We could have a study group and it would really help because this is a real challenged program. That's what I 've heard; so, I want to put all my strenght to be successful