Truman College Chicago 2011 Applicants FYI

  1. FYI--I just spoke with the head of the Nursing CCC office re: applications for 2011 Nursing Programs (Truman College, Malcolm X. etc). It appears all applications are to be centralized, and they will only be considering cumulative GPAs and Compass Scores. ONLY pre-requisites will be considered, NOT any co-requisites. That means only Chemistry 121, Biology 120, and Math. Students will be emailed ON May 2nd to notify them whether they have been accepted or not. They will have until May 9 to respond, or their seat will be filled with someone else.

    Truman College will be absorbing some of the 100 reserved places for the schools that have closed. These spots will be in addition to the spots they already have--they will supposedly be increasing their faculties. All students will be evaluated by district and placed appropriately (geographical considerations will not be taken into account, from the sound of things).

    What do you guys think????
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    No Truman students around?
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    CCOC is so ridiculous! I will be so happy when i finish my prereqs and can go elsewhere for my BSN. I hope that the increased class size doesn't have a negative effect on the cohort but its hard to see how it couldn't
  6. by   Jax419
    I was told that they were still going to notify applicants in April? You sure about this op?
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    I spoke to Dr. Debra Gurney, the Director of Nursing at the CCCs. She said May 2nd.
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    And I don't remember exactly..but for the LPN program at the Humbolt Park location....when you go there for the info session and fill out and application, they seem to follow a completely different deadline plan than everyone else does in the CCC how does that work? CCC is extremely messed up!
  9. by   VeronikaLovesHorses
    If true, this is a complete 180 and it makes zero sense. Why would they admit students who have a great GPA on the prereqs but have taken no coreqs when the extra courses greatly decrease your chance of success in the program? I have never heard of a nursing school, Community College or otherwise, taking this approach. Secondly, the Compass was never a part of the point system--it was merely pass/fail. If you didn't pass the reading test you couldn't apply--your actual score doesn't matter as long as it's above 90.
  10. by   OMG1978
    I think that that is ridiculous. First the college of nursing lets students in via lottery-epic fail-where anyone can get in (qualified or not). Then they now have this "point" system" which really means you have to do both your pre and co reqs in order to have a fighting chance. They feed you this line that you have to have your pre reqs in order to apply, but they know that you wont get in solely with your pre reqs...They make students believe that they have some kind of chance....but nope not really. It blows my mind when reading this blog with what some people got into with and others didn't. Now the deadline has been extended twice, and who knows IF we will find out anything by May 2. I am totally doubting that. Last year we were to hear something by April1st, and didn't hear anything until the mid to end of the month. How much work I have done to try to get in and the rules are constantly changing mid game blows my mind. I am smart and qualified, and if I don't get in this year they better have some good answers for me or I will raise a big stink. Sorry for the long vent!
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    OMG1978, I totally agree with you. My experience with the application process has been frustrating in the extreme, especially when applicants with less classes than I have were accepted and I was not. They keep changing the rules and their process makes no sense. And, they are disorganized. They actually LOST my college transcripts and made no apology to me and gave out incorrect information at the Nursing Info session which caused me to scramble to get all my documents together. I have a friend in another state who just applied with the right credentials and was admitted. Yes, it was that simple--no extended deadlines, no last minute changes in eligibility, no assignment to a school two hours away.

    I just hope the instructors have more on the ball than the people running the admissions process.