To Keep NA certification?

  1. hey everyone! i am a cna right now, and wondering how many hours you have to work in 2 years to keep the certification? and what are the other rules and regs. about that?

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  3. by   valifay
    You can work one day or one hour in the 2 years. As long as you can prove you worked within those 2 years you can keep your certification. There aren't many rules or regulationd regarding it, just proof you worked a paying job in that position.
  4. by   barrachick86
    so since the last time i work was in december of 2004 would i have to work again before december of 2006 to keep it? or how does this so confused
  5. by   suebird3
    I know for a fact you need at least 24 hours of Inservices a year. My DON and I have been after a few aides about missing needed inservices.

  6. by   valifay
    Inservices? I've never heard of inservices to keep your certification. Are you sure thats just not something your place of employment requires?

    barra...yes, you will have to work before december to keep you certification.
  7. by   spydercadet
    Inservices are part of your place of employment. You only need to work, i.e. get paid once in two years. What does once mean? Really it can be only one hour, you just have to be able to prove that you worked as a CNA in a two-year peiod. That peiod is a "rolling" two-years, meaning once you've done that work, you have another two years to work again, so if you did that job, let say, 18 months after you received your certification, you have two years after that work to complete another paid assignment. I am a certified CNA instructor in Illinois, so really this is the rule. However, it is always good to research these things on your own. So look at the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) web-site, look up regulations for Nurses Aides, lots of info there for you. : )