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I recently applied for the Spring 2011 Nursing Program at South Suburban College and was Accepted! I am Extremely excited but at the same time nervous. Don't know what to expect! Any feedback will... Read More

  1. by   Kuffy
    Second semester was a kicker... congrats for you on passing first semester.... I remember sitting in 112.. the final in front of me.. and just crying.. I needed a 86 to pass the class.. all down to one test to decide my fate.. I pasted with a 92 but still the stress is outragous. 3rd semster is no different, with the exception of ob.. Im stoked for OB.. Ped's Ill be crying the entire 4 weeks.. 8 days of hell. me children and illnesses dont mix and I have a half dozen kids!...

    but good luck, you sound like you are very very well adjusted to life at SSC.. good luck Latinadream
  2. by   tsaffold
    Quote from Kuffy
    so.. is nursing school everything we said it would be??? HOw are you holding up? I know you are not in clinicals yet, but you will be soon... dont forget to study study study!
    Hey Kuffy,

    Oooh Weee you ain't never lied. 1st semester was a catastrophe, I had the worst 105 theory instructor she was not good and only taught for that one semester we had to teach ourselves. With faith and prayer I made it to the second semester. GOD is GOOD. For 103 I had intials R.H, she was awesome teaching that class. I am now taking Med surg initials (B.P) I love her. Patho with same teacher I had for 103 and Pharm I'm taking it online with (K.V) and she's the worst. She responds to our blogs when she wants to. So far I am doing well, keeping the faith, no life for another year yet at times I do give myself some me time. Good Luck to you, pretty sure you'll be graduating soon :-)
  3. by   ellisa
    Hello, I just wanted to know what the science portion is like for the evolve a2 exam? because I'm schedule to take it april 2 at south suburban. If anyone has any tips or information they could give that would be very much appriciated. Thanks
  4. by   tsaffold
    HI Kuffy,

    Well I made it to 3rd semester come this fall (GOD IS GOOD). I'm excited but yet nervous I have patho for 16 weeks and Med surg for the 1st 8 wks. Pharm 2nd semester end up working out S/O to (KV) she was awesome after all. Congrats to you i'm pretty sure you have graduated already. Any pointers as to what I should expect for 3rd semester?