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  1. I'm about ready to graduate with my ADN, and I want to pursue my BSN through Rush since that is where I will be working.

    My first semester of this nursing program, and my last (the one I'm in now), I am barely making it with a C - which is a 78% at my school. It's not because I'm not competent, it's just that I've slacked with my studies.

    Does Rush look at your total GPA for RN to BSN,,,, or do they only care that you passed with a C while in the ADN?

    Hopefully the latter.
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  3. by   Maxs
    I think you will need 2.5/4.00 cumulative and up 2.75/4.00 and up for science. In addition if you're going towards your BSN-Masters route, you will then need a minimum of 3.00/4.00. I don't like Roush simply because they are pricy and charge by quarters (2 quarter = 1 semester). If you have a full tuition scholarship then it's probably ok attend their undergraduate. The RN-BSN is not competitive at all.