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Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is applying for the Summer or Fall 2011 cohorts for the Accelerated program at West Sub/Resurrection. I met with the admissions counselor and went to an open... Read More

  1. by   ajryan
    i bought them on amazon, or similar sites. there are a few books you definitely have to have. but for classes that are more specific, I'm trading with a classmate who has the opposite classes for the second and third semester. I don't know anyone who has bought them through the school's bookstore, with the exception of the clinical kit (stethoscope, bp cuff, and practice kits). the bookstore website has all the upcs so you can look them up other places. FYI - the med-surg book you can buy in two volumes, which you should do b/c I bought the one volume book and its 5in thick - literally! hope this helps - good luck. Also, the books for the first term you use in other terms, so its the most expensive lot to buy.
  2. by   imuens2000
    Thanks again!! another question, are we required to bring our computers to class everyday?
  3. by   ajryan
    No, but most people do b/c every class is based on powerpoint lectures. I print them out b/c it helps me to physically write out notes and the laptop is too distracting sometimes. You do need it for every test, though. And you'll need comp access everyday to check email and the learning website. A lot of people just use net books and that works well for them, which I wish I would have known, b/c I got a huge HP b/c I thought all the specs had to be met.
  4. by   imuens2000
    okay. How is the clinical setting like? how is it structured? also i was thinking of getting a part-time job, based on your experience so far, would you recommend it?

    Ps. thank again
  5. by   marinriver
    I've got 2 prereqs left to take this fall - Anatomy & Phys II and Statistics and am considering trying to get into the Evening/Weekend Program this fall as well. Does anyone know if there is still room left? I had originally applied for the spring daytime program, but I've been considering the p/t courses. During the Open House I was told that you practically live in school when you're on the full time program your first semester, which is fine since I lived that this summer taking Anatomy 1 and Microbiology simultaneously, but with Patho and Pharmocology being the courses required the first semester, it makes the full time program a "bit" (understatement) more intimidating. My whole family is backing me up with whatever decision I make, but the p/t program is beginning to look appealing right about now.

    Undecided..., but really looking forward to attending Res. Any advice anyone?
  6. by   ajryan
    Imuens - So far I have loved clinical, a lot of people get stressed out about it, but I've had great experiences, they ease you into things, so its not like you're expected to just know how to do everything on your own. But it is tiring and you have to be able keep on your toes. basically, keep yourself busy, help out where ever you can and ask questions. Profs. are very straight forward w/ what they expect. I also look at every clinical as a job interview, because the staff will remember you. A lot of grads work at the clinical sites. Also, I know people who do work part time, but it takes a lot. I know I couldn't do it b/c I have a daughter. If you can, try to get a work study job, b/c you can study during some of them.
    Marinriver - The evening program is usually pretty small, but call admissions and ask if they'll let you take prereqs while enrolled - I haven't heard of anyone doing that. Also, don't worry about pharm, w/ the support the school provides, its actually one of the easier classes. I should have gotten an A, but I had family stuff going on that made it difficult.
  7. by   marinriver
    Thanks for the note of encouragement, Ajryan. I've emailed Juan Miranda and hope to hear back from him regarding seat availability. Worse case scenario I'll just start the daytime program. My sister is currently in the evening program, so I was hoping to join her for her last 2 semesters eventhough we'll be on completely different tracks. It helps to have someone you know there to support and encourage you when the going gets tough.
  8. by   MidLifeRN2012
    I am in the E/W program and will graduate in May 2012. I work full-time (40 hours) in an office M-F and school 3 nights a week plus Saturday clinical. It is tough but you can work. You just won't have a life outside of work/school/homework, maybe some sleep. I am a single parent of a 20 yr old who is also in college so at least I don't have small children at home. Housework is out the door until May. If you are not easily distracted by a social life, you can work--even full-time (3 of us do) and get through.
  9. by   MaleCNA87
    Quote from purple_gal2014
    Hello Everyone,

    I am currently new to I am interested in appyling to Res. University for Fall 2012. I want to apply for the evening/weekend cohort. I will have completed all but 3 of my pre-req's (when I actually apply for the program I will be enrolled in Micro and Speech) I will take my final math class over the summer of 2012. I would chance and wait for the next application period, but I would have to wait an entire year to get in for either the Summer 2013 or Fall 2013 cohorts.

    I am currently taking my pre-req's at the city colleges if chicago. I feel that the BSN program at Res. University would be a better fit for myself than the City College's ADN program. I say this because if you look at both programs within 2 years I could have a BSN with Res. University vs. an ADN with City Colleges of Chicago which will take a full 2 years. However, if I am unable to apply to Res. University while still taking pre-req's it would be pointless.

    The questions that I have is:

    Is it still possible to apply to the program while completing pre-req's during your application process?

    How competitive is the program?

    Would it even be worth trying to get in with 2 (pre-req's) in progress and 1 still left to complete over the summer?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Welcome! I'm also planning to apply for Fall 2012, still undecided on whether I want to do the full time or part time program. I am taking my pre-req's at the city colleges too, I need 2 more, Anatomy II and Microbiology.

    It is possible to apply while completing pre-req's. I am applying for the April deadline and will be enrolled in Anatomy II and Micro. They would probably just ask to see your midterm grades to see how you are doing in the courses. That is what one of the advisor's told me.

    I think you should talk to an advisor and apply for Fall 2012. Good luck!
  10. by   Strawberi
    hey every1 i need sum help. ok, im done with my anaotmy/microbio classes- grades were As'. im basically finished wit the gen ed except to, and the rest of my nursing pre eqs. I wanted 2 knw if i cud take the teas/ still apply while classes were in progress? thanks..for the spring of 2013
  11. by   DarkLotus
    Hello everyone at ResU! I am drooling over this program and if I don't start at a typical two year BSN program this fall I hope to go to ResU. However the price intimidates me as I am a CNA and have no savings and can not take out student loans or private loans. So I might have to work while in school, is it possible to work as a CNA part time during the day program? What is a typical weekly schedule like? At the community college I was going to get my ADN at there were 26 hours a week in courses or clinicals. How many hours a week are you in class? Could someone explain the terms at ResU and if there are breaks between them or the semesters? Maybe I could work full time for a week or two between terms?

    Is it possible to cover tuition and living expenses with grants and one or two scholarships? Also what is the total tuition for the sixteen month program? I could only find a yearly and per course rate on their website. I have a 4.0 in pre reqs and 140 quarter hours of general education with a 3.8 overall gpa. I have not yet taken the teas but know I can get at least a 75 but hope to get an 80 to get the presidetns scholarship! Also Is financial aid based on semesters or terms?

    Thanks a million!
  12. by   Tdang
    hi everyone!

    i am currently trying to apply to nursing schools. i already have a b.s but decided to go back for nursing. right now resurrection is my top choice because of their 16 months program. however after reading some negative comments about resurrection, i'm not sure if it would be a good choice anymore. i was wondering if i could get some feed backs from current students who are attending resurrection right now. if you are a current student can you please give me some feed backs about the school. i would like to know if it was worth it. how are the classes at resu? how are the instructors? and if you like going there? if you are a current student please help. i just want to make sure i'm not making the wrong choice.

    thank you all!