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Hi!! I finished my Spring 2013 applications, and thought it would be beneficial to start a new thread :) Currently my GPA holds 3.5 cumulative, I think science wise 3.0. My TEAS exam came out... Read More

  1. by   PrayToTheUnicorn
    This is the link on the Res web site: Accredited Nursing Schools | Top Nursing Schools | Nursing Schools In Chicago

    I attend the day program but from what I know in general, for the evening program the classes usually start anywhere from 4-5:30pm a few days per week, and then clinicals are on weekends. You have a slightly lighter courseload than the day students, so it takes a semester longer, but the courses are identical in content to the day students. Maybe an evening student will see this and give you more.
  2. by   eyeCOT
    That sounds great. Now do you know anything about their joint diploma with Concordia?
  3. by   PrayToTheUnicorn
    Not really. I assume that you would attend Concordia for your first two years of prerequisite/general coursework and then transfer to Res for the nursing portion to finish the BSN. Depending on your financial situation however, it may be more cost effective to do all the bachelor's coursework and prerequisites through a community college. But then you would be in the general candidate pool of applicants.
  4. by   dominikaszl
    Hi guys! I was just wondering what books are you using for the term A and B? I got accepted to the Fall 2013 program so I guess we will have the same books as the Spring 2013 students..
  5. by   Dbyrne
    I am curious to know how it is scored. If I do really well on reading and math but poor on science do I still have a chance. Like is it accumulative? Or is it a percentage for each. Please let me know.