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    Does anyone know of any programs in or around Chicago/N.W. Indiana with spring admission into an ADN or AAS nursing program? Has anyone recently applied to SSC? The only one I have found is South Suburban College. The problem is that SSC has different prereq's from most other programs around. All associate programs require a CNA cert. now, but SSC also wants NLN PAX,AP1 and 2, and Microbiology, along with Chem, math for nurses, and psych 101. I currently attend Malcolm X, and will be done with my prereq's there this summer, but they only have fall admission, so I will have to wait till fall '08 to start. My problem is in order to apply for spring '08 at SSC I will have to take a CNA course, AP1, and math for nurses this summer. Then in the fall I will have to take AP2, Chem, and Microbiology. The fall semester just seems like it's going to be impossible, and I don't want to screw up my 3.8 GPA. Does anyone know of other spring admission programs? What if I don't get accepted into SSC, then I will have busted my ass just to wait around till fall '08. Please give me some advice, I am willing to travel to the burbs or go to a comm. college in Indiana. It's all so frustrating and confusing. Thanks for any help you can give me, Marci
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    I think West Suburban College of Nursing is accepting application for the spring semester you might want to check it out. The website is Also, on the website it will tell you all the class you need. Good Luck
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    thanks S5995