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I just received an email letting me know I was accepted into the Nursing Program at JJC for the Spring 2012 semester! :clown: I am still on cloud nine! I'm looking for any advice that people may... Read More

  1. by   hardworkpaysoff2
    Thanks for the information.

    I have a few additional questions:

    Do you know if many people work (either F/T or P/T) during the program? In your opinion, which semester is the most difficult? About how much time per week do you spend on schoolwork? Did the majority of your class complete the entire program? Can you recommend a good stethoscope?

    Thanks again for all of your help, I really appreciate it!
  2. by   joanie2341
    I would say that about 75% of the students work. Most of them part-time. The ones that did work full time worked evenings, nights or weekends.

    I thought 2nd semester was the hardest. There is an insane amount of work that comes with your Labor and Delivery rotation. And not having kids myself, it was all new information. But I also got my best grades that semester because I worked so hard.

    The amount of time I have spent each week on school stuff greatly varies based on the week and the semester. But in general I would say that I spend at least an hour reading/listening to lecture podcasts the night before each theory. Probably an hour each week in the lab practicing skills. 2 hours the night before clinical working on a careplan. I usually for 2-3 nights before an exam for 3-4 hours each night. So I guess somewhere between 5 and 10 hours? Again it varies each week.

    This is the stethoscope I have. My sister, who is a nurse, bought it for me as a gift from my whole family. I have heard good things about all the Littmans, but beyond that I don't know much about them. I really like the one I have. I'm sure your instructor can give better info on this topic.

    I think we have 80 students in 4th semester. But we had maybe 5-7 or so come in after second semester through the LPN bridge program. There were 10 or so who did not make it through 3rd semester for some reason.
  3. by   kimbly9
    hardworkpaysoff2, I graduated from JJC in May 2011. I was in the evening program, so your experience may be different. However, I was able to work a full time job while going to school. It was tough at times but definitely doable. Good luck!!
  4. by   LiLwannabRN
    Hello! Congrats to those of you accepted and starting school in January!! I just finished the program at JJC! If you have any or in the future! Feel free to contact me!!!
  5. by   Cwarning24

    I just got accepted into JJC's spring 2012 program. I'm actually looking for a roommate too, preferably to move into a place by the end of December. If anyone in the nursing program or just starting out in it is looking for a roommate, please get in contact with me. My email is Thanks so much!

  6. by   determined_30
    Hi everyone any advice on prerequisites for this school anyone getting rid of old books?
  7. by   tnl69953
    I just graduated in December from JJC RN program and I could not agree more about 2nd semester being the hardest (with 3rd not too far behind). Just an insane amount of work. Yes, the L&D is a killer, but it is also probably the best rotation! I was in on 2 C-sections and 1 vag delivery. Assisted an MD (personally assisted, not just watched - it was just him and me) do a circumcision, SOOOO glad I didn't have any boys. I have 3 girls, am a full-time student, mother, very active in church and worked 20-30 hrs/week throughout all of nursing school. If sleep is not that important to you, you CAN do it all. I am taking my boards tomorrow Good luck to all of you - trust me, if I can do it, you can do it! We started with 8 in our group in 1st semester, and lost 4 throughout the 2 year program. Watch out for Janet - that's all I'm going to say. And don't believe everything you hear about Sue S. If you know your stuff, you will do fine and you may think she is one of your best instructors. I heard so much bad stuff about her that when I finally got her as a theory instructor AND my clinical instructor I thought our whole group was so screwed - but, it was really a good experience - she just expects you to KNOW (thoroughly) what you are doing, so don't think you can slack off her semester...
  8. by   determined_30
    HI! I am far from getting in to the program. I still have to take chem 100 bio 150 bio 240 250 and 251 soc290 and health a nutrition class. any suggestions on professors, books that I can study before the classes the teas teas test any advice would be very greatly appreciated.
  9. by   nscott127
    Quote from determined_30
    HI! I am far from getting in to the program. I still have to take chem 100 bio 150 bio 240 250 and 251 soc290 and health a nutrition class. any suggestions on professors, books that I can study before the classes the teas teas test any advice would be very greatly appreciated.
    I liked Dr. Mills for chemistry. Just be on time, turn your phone off, and sit near the board. You can earn ex credit by doing work on the board. I had Prof. Murdoch for both A and P's. I enjoyed her a lot. She will work with students that want to learn. Not easy, but fair and you will learn a lot. Loved Prof. Bellas for micro. I was worried before the class started and ended up loving it. He presented the info in an easy to understand way. Gives you the whole picture and tests from study guide.
    I started my soc 290 with a terrible instructor, he only lasted the semester. They moved me into a class taught by Julia Oglesby. I thought she did a great job of covering many different cultures and she uses some good supplemental videos. At the end of the semester everyone brings an ethnic dish and shares. Students in our class felt comfortable enough to share their personal stories.

    I also recommend taking the Nurs 100 class the semester you will be taking the Teas test. Gives you great prep for the math. The other stuff covered in the class will help you with first semester theory class.

    I liked all the Nurs 150 instructors. I Like everyone I have met in the nursing department.
    Good luck!