New practice acts and scope of practice

  1. So is anyone else hearing some major changes for LPN scope of practice in the new Nurse practice act?
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  3. by   CnCocoNut
    Such as?
  4. by   meownsmile
    Apparently the NPA was misinterpreted and according to the BON LPNs will no longer be able to hang any IV medications. No IVPB's, No IV bags with potassium premix, no banana bags premixed by a hospital pharmacy. Straight fluids only. They can still discontinue a IVPB and flush a saline lock. Insert saline locks and monitor sites for reactions. Its making us crazy at my facility. Just one more thing that the RN's have to do now that the LPN's arent. I think medicine is moving backward not forward.
  5. by   nitenurse02
    The last I heard on the subject is that the wording is not being changed but that we have been reading it wrong. The INS has decided that we can't hang any medicated fluids. It has been a pain in the neck for us as well.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Wow! I'll be honest I haven't paid any attention to the changes for LPNs. Sorry for this mess guys. I lobbied in Springfield in April for the passage of the NPA because of the positives for APNs. Who is lobbying organization?

    BTW - I live near Peoria.
  7. by   meownsmile
    Trauma,, not sure,, it has to do with a lawsuit in which a LPN was hanging meds on a PICC in a LTC and the state got ahold of it. Not sure of the particulars just know it is wreaking havoc in a lot of places.

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