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  1. Hi I am Amy (28) from teh western suburbs. I have completed my pre reqs and am applying for Waubonsee's nursing program in fall. I was wondering if anyone could help me with scholorship websites or financial aid advice. I am hoping to get into the program and being this fall. I did not get in for spring because I was enrolled in Microbiology eventhough they said it was ok to not have it done. Oh well. I am trying to get the financial process rolling for fall in hopes that all goes well and I am in. I have 2 young daughters and would like to get some financial help as I am giong to being paying for childcare while in school. My dh works, but anything helps. I apprecaite after listening to me ramble if anyone has any links of scholorship sites etc.
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    Hi Amy--

    Small world...I am attending Waubonsee as well-- welcome to the board! Do you actually near Sugar Grove? , taking my pre req''re further ahead than I am though......I work full time, but will be quitting my job come June to be a SAHM and part time student. I'm 32, married, live in Aurora and have 2 kids.... a 4 1/2 yo daughter and 3 yo son.....I don't actually plan on entering the nursing program until spring 2006.

    Strange that you couldn't get into the program just cuz you were taking already took A&PI/II? I don't see what difference that would make to them. I was told as long as your pre-reqs are completed upon entrance of the program then no problems.. Hmmmm......I'll have to double check that one for my own reference.

    Have you filled out your FAFSA yet? This is the first step in trying to get some type of FA.

    Here's the link just in case you haven't.....

    I just came across scholarships that Waubonsee offers...maybe you're already aware of these?!?!?!? Here's the link...

    Here are some general scholarship search links as well......[/URL]

    I hope this information is of help to you. I have been casualy searching to get a head start for next year which is when I'll be applying for FA and any scholarships I can I don't really have any advice yet to offer... sorry...

    Search these message boards...there's a wealth of information just by reading other people's posts. I hope you enjoy your time on the board....

    If I can try to help with anything else, just let me know. Keep me posted on any info you come across too -- that would be much appreciated!

    Best of luck to you!
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    Hey Amy! You also might want to post this on the Student Nurse Forum, since the regional boards don't get as much traffic. Here's the link.

    TTFN!!! :roll