Need some info on Carterville, Herrin and other small towns in Southern IL

  1. Hi folks!
    To those who replied to my previous post about Southern IL, I thank you. My husband and I went on a "whirlwind tour" of small towns in Southern IL and we really liked what we saw, but picking one town is a bit difficult. I liked Carterville and Herrin is their anyone with some info on these two towns?

    I have 3 boys who would be attending the H.S. and one will attend grammar school. I've heard the Carterville is a very good school and athletic school. I know very little about Herrin. My oldest would be a Junior in H.S. and i was wondering how difficult would it be for a newbie to get into the athletic program, basketball and baseball that is. And how friendly are the small towns in this area about transplants?? Any info would be appreciated.

    Are there any schools/towns you would avoid. My husband likes the real small schools like Goreville and Benton and such, but I'm not so thrilled about a town or school that small. Anyway any thoughts would be appreciated!!

    Thanks !! :spin:
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  3. by   samclaug
    I actually grew up in the area for about 23 years and I only moved because my husbands job was in Indiana. We have talked about moving back and I can assure you if we did we would actually live in Carterville. I grew up playing Carterville in sports and let me tell you that is one of the most competitive towns in the area. The whole town rallys around their team and makes a big fuss. The one problem is the physical condition of the high school it is very old! I know that they have been working on plans for a new and are trying to get funding and was recently promised some by the Gov. THey have a newer middle school and really the overall educational experience is really good I understand. Also since you have some in high school already you should know that John A. Logan Community College is located right there in Carterville and is ranked as one of the best CC in Illinois.Also Southern Illinois University is just a short drive from Carterville.
    Im not trying to sell you short on Herrin either Im just telling you my preference. Herrin is a bigger town than Carterville. I dont know much about the quality of education although I am postive it is good. They are very competitive in sports but since they are such a larger school we were not in the same division as the school I went to or Carterville.
    Good luck in your search. Hope this helped some!
  4. by   Mirasol
    Thank you for the info and personal thoughts. I was just concerned that Carterville would be so competitive that he would not be able to play or that being a "newbie" would hurt his chances on getting to play. Some small towns don't like new comers and I don't know how Carterville people feel about transplants. Anyway thank you for your input.

    Anybody else have any thoughts on Carterville or other small towns in the area??
  5. by   bradleyshanetaylor
    i replied to a prevoius post..vienna is a very close nit town. everyone knows everybody. the have a very good athletic program. they will begining a football program this year or next with the other high school in the county gorveville. the bball team has been to sections two years in a row and have a 7 foot center that will be a senior this fall. have any mare questions or want some more info just let me know.
  6. by   Mirasol
    Quote from grubby98
    i replied to a previous post..vienna is a very close nit town. everyone knows everybody. the have a very good athletic program. they will beginning a football program this year or next with the other high school in the county gorveville. the bball team has been to sections two years in a row and have a 7 foot center that will be a senior this fall. have any mare questions or want some more info just let me know.
    I read your reply on the other post as well, thanks for the info. We actually drove thru goreville and talked to the principal or superintendent of the school and a real estate agent there. It is a really pretty area. I was offered a job at the Carbondale Hospital so I would prefer not to be too far from there, but it seems doable from the Goreville area. How is that area on new comers, being we are from CA? Some small towns don't like newbies. Unfortunately they don't pay as much as i had hoped. I am a new nurse and was hoping for a bit more salary than $17.25 for new grad. Although I will have 6 months experience come summertime. Does the hospital in Metropolis pay more?? Do they have a L&D?? And where are the hospitals you mentioned in Kentucky?? Starting salary?? Hope I haven't overwhelmed you with my ??'s. PM me if you prefer. Thanks!!
  7. by   Mirasol
    Oops, I forgot, i would love more info on Vienna. What kind of town is it?? Size?? How big is the High School. Real Estate?? Any info would be great. Thanks Again!!
  8. by   Mirasol
    To those of you have read my other post about our possible move, I did get a job offer at Carbondale, as you probably have read above. Why is the pay so low?? Any Carbondale nurses out there? Are there any pay scale raises in the future??? We are looking into possibly moving out there, my Hubby just needs a PE teaching job and we are set. Crossing our fingers!!
  9. by   bradleyshanetaylor
    well on cdale hospital, it is great. i will be graduating with my adn in 2 weeks and did my clinical rotations there. vienna is gorevilles biggest rival at everything. vienna has a very nice school. its around 350-400 students and the grade school is a block away from that. it takes only about 5-10 minutes depending on were you are from to get from vienna to goreville. around 17 to 18 is about what all hospitals are starting new grads out at. massac does not have L and D. its a smaller facility. both hopspitals in paducah had L and D. is you do search you an find both facilites web sites(sorry i donthave them bookmarked, just bought a new computer). one hospital is called Lourdes and the other is Western Babtist Hospital. I have been a pt at lourdes and recievd great care. I did my OB rotation at WBH and actually liked it. the nurses were very helpful and was able to get me into multiple delivers with me being male. another good thing about vienna and gorville is your in the middle of two great junior colleges. most ppl prefer jon a logan in carterville because its a feeder school for Southern Illinois University of Carbonale. But even though i attend Shawnee Community College, every facility i go to says they would prefer a SCC student over a Jon A student from nursing school. vienna has some great realestate also. lost of land for some great hunting. kentucky does pay a lil better from what i have herd. but dont expect anythign over 18 as a new grad unless you go agency. i do know that some faility offer some great shift dif. sorry this is so long. but if you ahve any more questions at all send them to me at i will be able to respond faster since i wont be on allnurses that much with finals coming up.
  10. by   bradleyshanetaylor
    yes i forgot the hospitals in kentucky are located in paducah, ky. its located about 25 miles from vienna. just into kentucky over the ohio river.
  11. by   Mirasol
    Thanks again for all your help. I will look into vieena and goreville, sounds pretty good!!
  12. by   shoman62
    Carterville is your best choice, and the 2 Major Hospitals in Southern Illinois are less than 6 miles in either direction Carbondale and Heartland, is 3 miles from Carterville. and by the way the Carterville girls just won the state softball championship
  13. by   Joybelle517
    I am in Herrin and will be starting my new job at Carbondale Hospital. My sister works there already, and I did my LPN clinicals there a few years ago.

    Marisol, did you move here?

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