LPN wanting to get her RN

  1. :wink2: Wanting to know if anyone has gone to Methodist or St Francis nursing school in Peoria Il? If anyone has I would like to know what your opinion of it was? Thanks.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    I didnt go there, but i know St. Francis has a masters program through Bradley. Several of my co-workers have gotten their masters through there. Im sure either are equally good programs.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there...I live near Peoria and worked at St. Fran for 10 years (absolutely wonderful hospital). For the LPN to RN, I would do the ICC option (cheaper and easier. St. Francis has a BSN completion program and an MSN program also.

    meownsmile - I did the post-masters certificate at St. Francis and it is actually mostly online and is NOT affiliated with Bradley. Bradley's MSN options include CRNA (which several friends have done) and an MSN in management and leadership. Both programs have good reputations.

    Methodist offers a BSN at least. Am unsure of other options there.

    At any rate, if I can help further, please let me know.