Loyola Univ. Chicago ABSN vs Rush Univ. ABSN

  1. Different schools, both accelerated programs. Are there any key differences between the Loyola Chicago accelerated program and the Rush accelerated program in terms of academics? Rush has the HESI, does Loyola have a similar test to take before graduation. Rush is proud of their past 6 years of 100% passing NCLEX rate, how about Loyola? Any personal experiences or thoughts you would like to share about the schools?

    Thanks for your input.

    P.S. I posted this in the pre-nursing student forum but I thought I might get more input here =)
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  3. by   pmh27
    I do not have a lot of information other than Rush is voting to change their accelerated program. They might actually get rid of their bachelor program all together and go straight to a master program only. It would be a MSN generalist. You would have to have a bachelor already in any field. They vote in May.
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    Why not call or visit each school?

    Each will be delighted to compare & contrast their program with the local competition.

    And Rush has been trying to make the Masters the entry degree for nursing for decades now.

    Considering the nationwide shortage in faculty, it might actually make sense for them to focus on their MSN & DNP programs. Even so, it would take them a few years to make the transition.
  5. by   Trigirl
    They are similar programs, both being 12.5 months in length. I would reccommend going to info meetings on both. I applied to Rush last year, and was wait listed, so I applied to Loyola after not getting into Rush and was accepted and start at Loyola in a few weeks. Prior to acceptance at Rush, you take the Teas. You take the same exact test at Loyola, but only after you have been accepted. At Loyola you also need to take a Critical Thinking test. I have a friend who started at Rush, and dropped because it was just too intense. At Rush, it is straight through...not much time for a break. At Loyola, their program follows the schedule with the regular university, so you follow their break schedule, meaning two weeks off in August, Christmas...etc. I feel very stronly that Loyola is the better choice for me. Courses are pretty much the same (Pharama, Patho, Clinical Nutrition..and then onto Clinicals). Loyola's nursing program, as a whole, is the oldest in the state, so that has to say something. (And I did hear that Rush's program is chaning). Hope this helps.