Loyola ABSN Spring 2013 - page 5

Hello- Anyone else applied to Loyola's ABSN program for Spring 2013? Has anyone been accepted yet? Any current or former students that can shed some light on what is needed to get accepted... Read More

  1. by   erinda
    Hi! I'm from San Diego... so I guess you are here too... Well, the only thing I know about CSUSM is that it's a 2 year program...so I didn't apply there for that reason. I was looking for 16 month maximum programs... but if you have already started it and you like it thus far, I'd say, finish it! And San Diego isn't a bad place to be.... I really have no gage as to which school is better or if it really matters where you get your BSN from in the end... but don't get me wrong, sure would be nice to have someone who knows my hometown around!
  2. by   Rajasaurus
    Hi I recently got accepted into the absn program starting this January! I was wondering if any one knew of any housing options. I've read that the Maywood campus is far from the main campus and I will be relying on public transportation/carpooling. I'm moving from Northern California! Is any one interested in sharing a house/apartment? !
  3. by   kristen1219
    Erinda, I know several people who commute to Loyola maywood by bike from that area and from Brookfield where I live. My husband does it from here everyday (he's a med student). You have to like bike commuting in all kinds of weather though. I think you could count on buses/bike toget you to campus, but I'm not sure how it would be for clinicals. I'm sure you could do it with a mix of public transportation and carpooling. I'm all for less cars on these ridiculously congested roads! Rajasaurus- most people from the med school live in forest park or oak park. They're neat areas with some walkable
  4. by   kristen1219
    Woops... Walkable shops and restaraunts. I live in Brookfield, which is pretty convenient too, but more family oriented I think.
  5. by   Rajasaurus
    Thanks Kristen! Sorry for the delayed reply. Forest Park and Oak Park both sound like great communities. I'm not going to have a car the first semester so accessibility is pretty key. I'm feeling both excited and nervous for the move! Are you starting this January?
  6. by   Rajasaurus
    Hey Erinda- Seems like we're in the same boat. I'm looking to live in the oak park/forest area. I dont know if you're still interested in the program/looking for a housemate- but let me know. I'm looking to head to IL later this month.
  7. by   sambrijesh2
    I am also accepted to Loyola ABSN program. If you already have your aprtment rented, then I am willing to share with you. Please let me know...
  8. by   sambrijesh2
    Anyone who is willing to share their apartment with me, can Just email me at smita.svp@gmail.com
  9. by   erinda
    Yes Rajasaurus.... we are in the same boat! When I read your post on the thread you started, I thought it was me writing it! Yea I'm looking for a place to live/share too....any leads? I'm going to put up a post on the FB page. And we can keep in touch there!
  10. by   sambrijesh2
    If you are looking for car to commuate, then I am willing to share my car if we somehow make arrangment on sharing room, if you have space available in your apartment. Please let me know on this as soon as possible. It will be easy for both of us.
  11. by   Rajasaurus
    Hi sambrijesh2. I don't have an apartment, yet. I am coming from California and will be searching for a studio pretty soon. There is a facebook page up where people are looking for housemates.
  12. by   Rajasaurus
    @Erinda- Did you post on the FB page? I'm Ann. I'm heading to Chicago this weekend to try and scope out some places. It's going to be interesting w/o a car!
  13. by   johnny6
    Hi there. Other than student loans, what kind of financial aid does Loyola U offer to students in their ABSN program?