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Hello- Anyone else applied to Loyola's ABSN program for Spring 2013? Has anyone been accepted yet? Any current or former students that can shed some light on what is needed to get accepted... Read More

  1. by   purduegirl11
    I applied the beginning of May and my application was too rolled over to be reviewed for the spring 2013 cohort. I spoke to one of the admission counselors, Alex, on 10/30/12, and he informed me that they should be sending out notices this week and next week too. I know that they said the ones whose applications did not get to be reviewed for fall but will be considered for spring should be hearing back first, but I wonder how many people that applies too seeing as they get at least 450-600 applicants per cohort (based on the website Q&A) for only 60 spots. Anyways I hope everyone is hanging in there, my anxiety is so overwhelming right now!!! Good luck to everyone who applied at other schools too.
  2. by   Kim471986
    I was just told mine should be back by the end of next week. I am seriously crawling out of my skin over here, the anticipation is killing me!
  3. by   purduegirl11
    Quote from Chicago2008
    I just heard back from Loyola this past weekend (Saturday) for Spring 2013. I should have been one of the first ones (as the application had actually been deferred from last spring). But, I assume that since they've started more notices will be coming out shortly.

    Good luck!

    Whan you say "heard back" as in you received your admission status? Just making sure I understand what you wrote.
  4. by   purduegirl11
    Hey guys, I just got a notification on 10/31/12 on the online admission site that I have been accepted!!! I am so excited and hope to meet some of you all soon.

    Good luck to you all!
  5. by   mmm1107
    Congrats on your acceptance! Sounds like the spring deferred admissions applicants are hearing first. Hopefully the rest of us will hear soon!
  6. by   Kim471986
    Congrats! Where did you go to find that out?
  7. by   purduegirl11
    Thank you guys.
    Kim471986: I went to the Loyola University website-> Admissions-> Undergraduate-> Admission: Check Application Status-> then you must log in
    It will tell you there if anything has been posted. Also don't hesitate to call them. They are all very nice and informative.

    Hope this helps.
  8. by   Kim471986
    Thanks! I'll make sure I keep checking. I've talked to them every few weeks and they do all seem very nice. I have to relocate from out of state, so the sooner I know the better.
  9. by   purduegirl11
    I def understand. I will be moving from Carmel, In. And I also need to start looking at finances so I understand. I will be praying for all of you, I would love to have diligent and friendly classmates like you guys on this post.
  10. by   Kim471986
    I will be moving from Las Vegas, NV. Luckily I already have an apartment, but I still need to make arrangements for childcare.
  11. by   Llking
    I was just accepted! Can't wait! I just paid my deposit too, so I hope there are still spots open!
  12. by   kristen1219
    Llking, congrats! did you find out via letter or online?
  13. by   Llking
    I found out online