1. Does anyone know anything about Lewis University?....I wasnt considering it before but I went to Saint Xaviar and they take thier freshmans as priority for the nursing programs...their supposedly backed up untill spring 2011! :angryfire
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  3. by   SillyJo
    I'm going to bump this because I am going to their open house this weekend...hopefully I can get a student's point of view too. thanks!
  4. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    Are you going to Lewis or St Xavier? Let me know how it goes either way...
  5. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    sillyjo...did you ever get to the open house?
  6. by   SillyJo
    I actually never went to the Open House. I am not considering Lewis anymore because it won't work out with my childcare (with traffic, its about 90 min drive for me). After taking a few more pre-reqs, I'm applying at ECC and Aurora University instead.
  7. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    what school is ECC? Im also going to apply to Aurora University.
  8. by   godislove89
    hello anyone out there who has applied to lewis university..i just wanted to get a feel of how competetive they are when it comes down to admission...i have applied for their spring semster 2010 i have a 3.2 gpa ( i know not that great) but yeah im a male aswell pleae let me know...my other school is univeristy of st.francis ..please let me know if you have any information about what their admission standard is like!
  9. by   purplerabbit2012
    Hi godislove89! I'm also applying to Lewis' ABSN program and my GPA is 3.1 =( Hopefully that's good enough. Have you taken that KAT test yet? If you did how was it? I'm still studyting for it and I believe I have 60 days to take it and I only get one chance.... yikes!! Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. by   ntw523
    hi InA2010 - Did you give the test at Lewis University? If so, how did it go? I am also looking into this school, especially since it has the part-time/evening option. That would work out great for me, because I cannot quit work right now.
    Can you tell me how the admission process was at Lewis? Any information that you can share is greatly appreciated.
  11. by   elppaym
    Hi all!

    The NET test isn't that bad, you can actually get a review book that is more like a refresher for the math basically. It goes over the math required or that will be tested on...I finished it with tons of time to spare...although I would recommend getting the review book, there was a lot of stuff that I couldn't remember how to do (7th grade math, all the fraction to decimals and back: just stuff you really don't use all that often).

    I think that it being in it's location makes it more of an ease to get in. For the BAC/BSN this is the first year they actually had a wait list, but come time to start they were short a few people. So the class wasn't full. I found it the easiest school to get accepted into...I also applied at Loyola and UIC but was accepted to Lewis first and dropped the others.

    Regular BSN takes 2 years, no classes during summer, the accelerated takes 18 months straight.
    Regular BSN your daytime week is pretty much shot, between classes and clinicals you have a full load mon-fri.
    BAC/BSN the accelerated program: you have classes 2-3 times a week in the evening, then clinicals on sat and/or sun...your classes are 8 weeks long instead of 16 weeks.

    any other questions I can help with?
  12. by   Trophy.Nurse
    I'm confused. Is the entrance exam referred to on the website as the KAP test really the NET test? Is there an accelerated option for regular BSN students, or is the 18 mth option only for ABSN candidates with a previous bachelors degree?
  13. by   Penny84
    I believe they just recently changed their entrance exam. I took the NET in June and shortly after I noticed they changed it on their website. The accelerated option is only for students who have already have a bachelors degree. Good luck!
  14. by   elppaym
    yes they just changed their entrance exam...at the beginning of this current semester (fall 2009).

    Penny 84 is correct the BAC/BSN is the accelerated program only for people that have their bachelors already.
    Information is posted on the site...

    Side note: some accelerated students drop down to the regular program, either voluntary or after failing a class.
    The BAC/BSN program (accelerated) is very time consuming...hence why they recommend you don't have work. In my cohort (group) some work and some don't...no one works full time...at most 3 days a week...honestly you can tell by the grades by who works and who doesn't.

    All in all, it's very do-able, you're just gonna be busy for the next 18 months...