Hesi exit exam ruining lives and careers in chicago

  1. Does anyone know of any schools in chicago that do not require the HESI to be able to sit for boards.
    Does anyone know anything of the lawsuit in chicago against HESI?
    Does anyone know of any hospital based programs that will accept you once you fail HESI?
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  3. by   livingthedream
    DePaul does not require HESI...
  4. by   AmparoG-Mckinley
    Thanks so much anyone else know of any schools which don't require HESI
  5. by   TheSquire
    Quote from livingthedream
    DePaul does not require HESI...
    Yeah, but we are required to pass one or two ATIs per quarter. Also, we're out of reach of most prospective nursing students, as one has to have a Bachelor's to get in.
  6. by   OhBoy123
    Even if the school you apply to now does not require the HESI exam it may by the time you reach graduation. My school instituted the HESI requirement during my senior year, and to get around any potential lawsuits, they attached the HESI to a class and put it on the syllabus. I think if you make it to your senior year, you will be able to pass without problem.
  7. by   renita6020
    Saint Xavier ...u dont have to take the hesi
  8. by   pugluvr310
    Harper college in palatine... you have to take the hesi but it doesn't matter if you pass or not. It's just for your personal information.