Fired: Update and a Cautionary Tale

  1. Hi All! Here's my ER termination story update:

    Way back in February I posted about being fired from a hospital corporation after my dh and I adopted our baby girls (who just turned 2 last month.) Adopted children. Catholic hospital. Supposed to be a good thing, right?

    After a long and complicated fight involving a lot of paper and telephone time, I had a hearing at the Il Board of Labor yesterday. My sitter cancelled because her own kids were sick, so I had to take the girls with me downtown. This amounts to a 1+ hour drive. Luckily, the girls fell asleep on the way there. We got to the department about 5 minutes early and took up a spot at an empty corner.

    A few minutes after the appointed time (2:00 pm) the Resurrection people show up. There were two people I'd never seen before, the benefits manager, and the Antichrist -- I mean the HR director. As they were rattling off the case number I looked over at them. The HR director said, loudly enough for me to hear "I can't believe she brought the G**D****D kids with her" and then an "Oh s***".


    I told the hearing officer that I was feeling rather outnumbered and she limited the amount of "Res people" to two. I told her that I'd feel better retaining counsel as I was up against an attorney -- hardly fair. She offered to continue the matter, and I was about to, when the attorney interrupted. He said that he could "make this all go away" as the PTB at Res had "discovered, after much research" that an "error" was made on my PTO and they had a check ready for me.


    I had pointed out this omission to them no fewer than 5 times during the blizzard of paperwork that followed my termination. My PTO numbers were on my final paycheck. I photocopied the paycheck, highlighted the PTO numbers, and sent it in with a request to get paid. In April of this year.

    I was terminated because I "recorded a private conversation", according to them. (I didn't) Obviously I am in the wrong business. Why be a nurse when there is a budding spy career just waiting for me?

    I took a transfer to the ER of one of their crappy hospitals they later ended up closing. It was like going back in time 50 years. Even the manager at that ER told me I was wasting my time there and to keep looking for a better job.

    So, now I'm a stay at home mom, collecting unemployment, and I have finally received the money that was due to me months ago. They dragged me through this for all this time, hoping I'd drop it, not show up, or just go away. They know it, I know it, and that hearing officer knows it. Unfortunately, there are no sanctions that were applied to them, although the state code calls for criminal penalties to be imposed on anyone who willfully denies someone their final paycheck.

    To anyone there, please be careful. There are snakes and sharks among those there, and the entire 'philosophy of care' only depends on who's good side you happen to fall on. Keep good notes. Put everything in writing. Keep a copy.

    Good luck out there.
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  3. by   psalm
    ...sorry you had to go thru with all the mess, but GLAD you are reaping the benefits of sticking to it. And congrats on your little ones' birthday.
  4. by   VickyRN
    Wow, what a nightmare. Glad you received partial vindication, at least. What are your plans now, Stitchie?
  5. by   jnette
    Good for you, Stichie for following through... and shame on them !

    Thanx for the update.

    I hope you will be able to move on and AWAY from all this now, and find peace. Along with a job which has employers willing to give.. not merely TAKE. (((HUGS)))
  6. by   Stitchie
    Quote from VickyRN
    Wow, what a nightmare. Glad you received partial vindication, at least. What are your plans now, Stitchie?
    I'm staying at home now with my girls -- and enjoying the benefits of collecting unemployment insurance.

    I have applied for another ER job at a local hospital -- our family moved away from the city a couple of weeks ago. I'm supposed to start part-time in February. The hospital contacted me to say they were having a difficult time getting references from the hospital that terminated me.

    If it works out, great. If not, I'm going to work as an independent contractor for the state of Illinois with their Early Intervention program.

    I chose nursing because I love it, but that particular hospital system certainly made it difficult to balance work and family.

    I'm also going back to school in January if my ER job doesn't pan out. I'll be very disappointed, because that's what I love, but I'll make the best of it.

    Thanks for asking.
  7. by   suebird3
    stitchie....and i thought i worked for a hum-dinger at one time. (agency) that wa 6+ years ago, and the one (former) owner lost my paperwork. she is now gone. did hear from the place not too long ago...i have no problems with them now. at least you are forwarned.

    good luck.....

  8. by   HarryPotter
    Glad to hear your doing so well...I have been in a fight with the County I work for as they, among other things, say they are accommodating my disabilities from a work related injury and they have not been. I have a w/c attorney helping, but its tough being at home, being starved out and I know thaey just hope I will drop the wholething and go away. on top of all that, my "supervisor" has harrassed and discriminated against me, which was horrible to deal with on a daily basis, which interfered with my ability to do a good job in a new line of nursing for me. I need to toughen up.
  9. by   Stitchie
    It seems that the more I talk about my experiences the more I hear of people in a similar situation.

    I guess if nursing wants to improve its image for nurses, there is a real need for good managers, at all levels, who can mentor and develop their employees.

    It seems so simple, yet appears to be the most elusive quality.