Excelsior Grad endorsing to get IL license

  1. Hi, I have been a RN close to two years. Has anyone from excelsior tried to get a endorsment license in IL? If so ,how long did it take? Were they strict? Was it licensed 2 years or working licensed 2 years?
    I am keeping my home license which is of course compact, and of course I read IL turned down compact AGAIN.
    Any help is appriciated, as I would like to start, but cannot get a answer from them even by email so far.............
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    here ya go; straight from excelsior's site:

    [font=timesnewromanmtstd]the illinois board of registered nursing licenses by endorsement excelsior college graduates who have practiced for two years as an rn. this means that once you complete all degree requirements, you may apply to another state to take the nclex and then practice as an rn in that state for two years. another option you will have is to become licensed in another state and work within
    [font=timesnewromanmtstd]a federal facility in illinois, such as a va hospital, military hospital, or federal correctional facility. after working at a federal facility for two years, you would be considered for licensure by endorsement in illinois.

  4. by   MedicLifelineRN
    Hi actually I did go to the site. Then I called the state......... I was on hold 1 hour and 30 minutes, till someone answered.
    One must also send in school transcripts, fll out a 4 page IL form, fingerprint, get 1-2 forms filled out from the current state they are in, and I forgot the last thing. Then it will take as of now aprx 12 weeks for them to decide if they are going to give you a license, not issue....decide if you can have one. I was told, do not move here or try to get a job till you have your license.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    That is probably correct: IL has no temp license so no one will hire you unless you have a license in hand. Found this out 15 years ago when I moved to IL from IN.

    For an Excelsior grad - you must have 2 years work experience as an RN BEFORE you can be licensed in IL
  6. by   MedicLifelineRN
    yeah my 2 years will be coming up "working". But i fond it ODD taht I called other states and they require MUCH less. It is almost like IL does not want folks. I have friends who went to real RN school and they were with a fine tooth comb. : /
  7. by   Nascar nurse
    I graduated from Excelsior in 2005 - but started somewhere around 1997. Currently there are several different states that do not allow excelsior grads or require additional "stuff" to get licensed. Even way back when I first started thru Excelsior (was a different name back in the day), Illinois had the same 2 year requirement. Nothing new for them and that was when nurses weren't so plentiful as they are today. It stinks but you're almost there!
  8. by   traumaRUs
    There are few job openings in IL. Many of the local BSN grads do not have jobs. Besides since our previous Governor is in jail and our state is broke, they have laid off many state workers which include the offices of the IL Dept of Professional and Financial Regulation.
  9. by   So smart
    What do you mean by real RN school. Excelsior is located in Albany New York and its one of the few schools that is NLN certified. They have been open for over 30yrs and in 2012 Nclex they sent 2100 students to Nclex with over 1600 passing the first time which gave them an 86 percent average. Now the states that require a few more steps to attain licensure can't explain why excelsior students are passing the same exams that traditional nursing students are also taking.