DePaul MENP question

  1. Can anyone tell me what your typical daily/weekly/monthly schedule is like in this program? Also, after the 2 year program, did you have success in finding employment?
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  3. by   Kam_ila
    Hi! I just graduated from the program in August, just took my nclex a little over a week ago (and passed thank god). I went to the RFU campus. I did work through the program (bartending) but there were some quarters that I could barely work. The beginning of the program felt more manageable but towards the end the workload increased and I was working one night a week. Several of my friends worked as PCTs throughout the program as well. It is an intensive program and I felt that I spent a lot of time teaching myself the material (only so much can be covered in class). Your typical schedule changes each quarter with clinicals and classes. Some quarters you have 2 days of classes and one day of clinical, other weeks it's 4 days and 1 day, it all depends. Just remember classes are typically one day a week 3-5 hours and quarters are 10 weeks then 1 week of finals. It's definitely doable!
  4. by   heythatsmybike
    Beware that this program does not award a traditional MSN degree. It is a Master of Science degree, which can be a little misleading.

    Is DePaul MENP an MSN program?
  5. by   Kam_ila
    MS in Nursing vs MSN does this matter?

    The #4 response on this thread explains that the difference is negligible, it is just a difference in what type of institution is giving you the degree. Hope this helps!