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  1. by   CLC172
    3rd semester student here!! My name is Shannon! I'm always looking to meet other CLC nursing students. Good luck to all this semester, and WELCOME, new students!
  2. by   CLC172
    Quote from 15chris15
    I just have your basic questions. Is it as excruciating as I've been hearing? What is the average student age? Are you nights or mornings? I'm 36 and felt like the eldest in my CNA course. I worked my but off to get in, so determination is my strongest tool right now. Good for you, you only have one semester left!!
    I'm 29, and there are many students who are both younger and older than I am. I started as a night student, but moved to days once I stopped working. I felt that the night students were overall a little older, on average, and most of them had either a job, kids or both, but you'll find that in the day as well. At 36, you definitely won't be out of place!

    As for the program, it is tough. I'm not going to lie and say it's been easy, but you'll be on a different program than anyone of us, besides the first semester students this year. From what I hear, they have made a lot of positive changes to the program. Everyone has to be a licensed CNA in order to begin the program now, which means you will all at least have some healthcare experience. I think that may make it better, as I only had office experience before I started the program!

    Best wishes! I hope you do it!:wink2:
  3. by   CLC172
    Quote from SarahSK
    Hey guys! I got my test results today and I'm not sure which composite percentile score is the one I should be looking at. Mine result sheet has composites for DI, AD and ALL? Anyone know?????
    It's AD. I never knew that before, so I always thought I had a 91, because I went by ALL, when in actuality I had an 89. And I got in on the first try!
  4. by   HospiceRN88
    My daughter is a 1st semester nursing student and I'm 4th. I looked through my daughters stuff and it looks like the program may be a bit harder than the older program. It also seems to be better organized as far as what to expect, read and do each day/week.

    My #1 suggestion to being successful in school is organization!
  5. by   UrsoGirl4
    Hi All,

    I'm currently a 2nd semester CLC nursing student, and I'm always looking to meet other CLC nursing students. Good luck to those of you still trying to get into the program, and enjoy the new curriculum once you do (I've heard it's way better than the one we are going through)! In general be prepared to study all the time and be pretty stressed most of the time. Don't get discouraged though, we all feel like we are clueless at some point. Just keep pushing ahead and it gets easier! Take care all!!!
  6. by   Scrubmouse RN
    The new curriculum is definitely better than the old. I've learned more in these two weeks than I did than in the first 6 weeks of the old program. Sounds like the implementation of the CNA requirement discouraged some people from applying, at least for this semester. I would definitely continue trekking on! I think it is weird, though, that there is one person missing from one of the evening groups. You'd think they would have pulled someone from the waitlist to fill that spot.

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