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  1. by   Scrubmouse RN
    I just wanted to say hi. I was in NUR 171 this past spring semester but had to withdraw due to medical reasons. I will be re-entering this Fall of 09, so I will have gone through both curriculums. I joke with my husband that they are going to use me as a guinea pig and ask me questions about the new program vs. the old. Thank goodness I did not have to take the CNA course! Dr. J is so awesome for letting me come back.
  2. by   15chris15
    Well I hope everything is okay with you medically. It will be interesting for you to see the difference in the curriculum. How far did you get this semester? Will you be attending nights or days?
    I cannot register until my name is on the CNA state registry, which will be in 2-3 weeks, provided I passed the exam. I aced the class and final exam. Then I go take this state exam and they had some of the goofiest questions on it, and I started second guessing myself. So we'll see.
  3. by   Scrubmouse RN
    Yeah, medically I should be fine. They are planning on delivering the baby soon. I have some pregnancy complications that came about around the 6th week of the semester. I was extremely sad that I had to quit because I needed to go on bedrest. According to Dr. J, the new curriculum will not teach the basic things I learned in the old. Things such as making a bed, giving bed baths, etc. I was in the evening section and will be in it again. I'm really excited to start up again. It was really fun for the first 6 weeks I was there.
  4. by   15chris15
    Wow, you're having a baby?! I wish you the best of luck and hope you and baby are healthy. That is Number One
  5. by   15chris15
    It went okay, alot of strange questions. Now I just have to play the waiting game - again!
  6. by   j3yang21
    Quote from Diedra
    To my understanding you will have to take the NLN. I have a friend who is a LPN, she contacted CLC to see if they would accept her as a 3rd semester student. They refused - if she wanted to go to CLC she would have to start from scratch. In addition to that, some of her science classes were older so she would have to take some additional science classes. I don't know what she ended up doing, but she didn't go to CLC. I hope this helps...good luck!

    Thanks. Do you know where your friend went for her RN? I have not been able to inquire at CLC since I became an LPN 2 yrs ago.
  7. by   j3yang21
    Quote from 15chris15
    Have you taken any classes at CLC? The science classes (chemistry, bio121, A&P, Micro) do not expire. I had to confirm that because my bio and A&P are fairly ancient. But they do not usually take transfers because the curriculum between different schools differ. Your information meeting cannot be more than 2 years old so you may have to attend another. They select 60 students per semester solely on the NLN exam scores, provided you have the pre reqs (eng, math, chemistry - high school or college, bio121, and now they have added CNA). You can retake the NLN every 6 months ($50 a pop) to improve your percentile. Go to and it covers everything you need.
    CLC is very competitive for the simple reason: three times the amount of students apply than they allow in, so they do not bend rules. This fall semester I believe had 142 applicants. I am probably student number 60, but I'll take it!! they just added the CNA as a requirement, so I think that is what saved me, and probably shyed some students away.
    Good luck! Check out the website and let me know if you have other questions. Don't get discouraged. Be determined and press forward!! (that's what i keep telling myself, and will be for the next 2 years)
    Yes, I took all my prerequesites (eng, math, soc, a&p, micro, psy, etc.) at CLC, but I got tired of waiting to get into the RN Program so I left the College 3 yrs ago and went in for a Practical Nursing. A lot had changed at CLC since I left ha.. Thanks.
  8. by   HospiceRN88
    I have no clue where she went. I know her LPN was from years and years ago...probably 15+ years ago. My son thinks he heard she was doing something online, but I don't know.
  9. by   mattjonchris
    Hello Everyone!!

    I am a student at CLC and will be repeating 172 this fall. I am in section 002 and was wondering if anyone else is in that section. I'm wondering what hospital we will be at.......I have unfortunately had to repeat 171 and now 172 due to some major issues with my kids right at PE time!!! I have all the class guides and EBO's and would love to have a study group if anyone is interested!!
  10. by   bmmorgan01
    is this the collen that has a daughter in nursing school and took remedi for anatamy...and sat next to a britnee?
  11. by   mattjonchris
    Who is this?? I was in that class with Colleen...i sat in the back row...Kelly...i am in 172 sec.002 this August...
  12. by   colleenm
    You've got part of it right. I did take that A&P class, and I did sit next to Britnee in lecture (between Britnee and Patrick), but Diedra is the one that has the daughter wanting to get into nursing school (she was in class with us too with her daughter). Send me a PM and give me more info on who you are!
  13. by   mattjonchris
    Hey Colleen,

    This is Kelly...I was trying to find out who posted this about the A&P class....I'm in section 002 this semester and was looking for people that may be in my class....So, how the heck are you? Is your summer flying by as fast as mine? I have a new 7 week old German Shepherd puppy and have been very busy with her.

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