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hello, everyone! good morning. i have a classmate here with me and she would like to make several comments based on her experience with our school and the hesi exam. please, be kind with your... Read More

  1. by   RUBY2623RN
    Prettysmartjob, I want to congratulate you, and everybody else who worked very hard on this project!!. I signed the petition and I am very happy for the outcome!!. People like you and all the people that worked on it have made a great change for all of the future nursing students like myself ( I start the nursing program Fall 2010). I am very proud of all you which did not settle for less and have proven that when students, people etc. get together, great things can happen!!! CONGRATULATIONS again on you great accomplishment!!!!!!
  2. by   DaleyClassof2011
    Congrats everyone on graduating. I wonder if they will abolish the Hesi? It seems that those of us still in the nursing program may still be subjected to the Hesi, according to the Chancellor's wording. I hope that those of us still in the program have the fortitude to continue the good fight if necessary.
  3. by   Chosen One
    Thanks to all of you guys that fought for justice. You effort: priceless! I'm just hopping it's also abolished for some of us that are yet to finish the program.
  4. by   c597581
    Of course. Studying is crucial, but it is essential to understand why an answer is correct or incorrect.
    RNs assess, intervene, and reassess. That is how you should apply your thought process to any question.
  5. by   c597581
    wow, that is crazy.
  6. by   c597581
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  7. by   AmparoG-Mckinley
    HESI Amnesty For 2005-2009 Chicago Community College Students Who Failed To Graduate

    Attention All CCC Students from 2005-2009 who didn't graduate due to HESI:

    CCC is offering amnesty until Dec. 2010, if you didn't graduate due to not passing HESI you will now be given your ADN and allowed to graduate. If you contact the nursing director at your campus before 7/10/2010 you will be allowed to graduate at no cost 8/11/2010 and be signed off so you can take the NCLEX and you can take a review at the schools cost, July 14,15, &16th so hurry and see the nursing director. There will be one more graduation in Dec. but you must RSVP with the nursing director from your campus by 9/1/2010. This is an incredible offer and it is a chance for the CCC schools to right a wrong done to many many nursing students who were wrongfully denied a chance to take NCLEX after completing their nursing program. RUN don't Walk to the nearest Chicago Community College Campus today!!
  8. by   lupeo
    Hi Iam student from Morton College, I was supposed to graduate this may, but i failed the hesi. does anyone know if this amnesty would apply to a student from Morton College.
  9. by   lupeo
    hi i was wondering if this applies to morton college
  10. by   prettysmartjob
    I don't think so. ( . It;s only for City Colleges of Chicago.
  11. by   AmparoG-Mckinley
    This amnesty is only for city colleges of chicago but it is not impossible for students at Morton college to also mount a mass complaint against the HESI. This test was meant to be used as an aid or a tool to help a student learn his weakness and to use as a study guide. Instead some schools use the HESI as a way to weed out students who they feel won't pass NCLEX, or as a way to predict the chances of a student passing the NCLEX on the first try. First you need to do a little investigating how many students regularly or yearly don't pass HESI, also does your school have a program to teach the students to pass the HESI and most important of all when you don't pass HESI what does the school do to help you pass HESI.
    Good luck and I wish you well
  12. by   gretch26
    Thank you very much prettysmartjob and those who have worked hard for all these....This is truly a miracle....Good luck to all of us on NCLEX..
  13. by   new danger
    What about going forward. How will this effect nursing students that are currently in the program