Chicagoland Area RN Salaries

  1. Hi, I am an RN with 9 yrs exp. (ADN), diverse experiences. Currently working in L&D for 4 years. Can anyone give me an estimate as to the salaries in the Chicago area?? I am interested in Northwestern, heard they will be opening the new Prentice Womens Hospital in Fall 2007. Hoping to return home to IL in 6/08. Currently living in Southeast Texas. Thanks.
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  3. by   angel337
    most nurse i know in the chicago area with your years of experience start off with about $28-$30/hr as a staff nurse with benefits. northwestern is a great place to work with excellent benefits
  4. by   Gem97
    Thanks Angel for the info, it does give me a perspective so that when I start investigating rental prices, I'll have a roundabout idea of how much I can afford.
  5. by   Marguerite
    Hi, I was just wondering what is the starting salary of a newly graduating nurse in Chicago?
  6. by   shuuu1968
    I graduated in May, got into a critical care internship in July. I am currently working overngihts in a step down tele unit, and I am now making $28.75 an hour with the night differential. I am very pleased with this salary being a new grad. I work in DuPage county. The job is stressful, and on bad nights I have to remind myself it will get better, and I am getting paid for this now, unlike when I was a student.

  7. by   espana22
    I graduated a year ago and most people who graduated in my class are making $27 as a new grad (night shift with differential). For people with experience, around 30 or higher. It also greatly depends on which hospital you work for. Northwestern tends to not pay as high as some of the other hospitals because it has such a great reputation and amazing benefits. I have a couple of friends who work there and they all love it! Hope this helps!
  8. by   Marguerite
    Thanks for your replies!!!!
  9. by   sziq1
    I work in rockford which is about 60 miles NW of chicago and the RN's at my hospital make between 21-28 depending on exp. and unit worked.

    hope this helps!
  10. by   cherbRN
    WOW...$27-30/hr!!! I am moving up there! I am in southern Illinois, 30 miles out of St. Louis, and Barnes only pays RN's $18/hr. That is a crazzzy difference!