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  1. Does anyone know when the deadline is for applying to the Fall '09 semester at Chamberlain College fo Nursing in Addison? Thanks.
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  3. by   lvaliav
    to begin courses in the:
    submit application and
    supporting materials by:
    summer semester (july) march 15th
    fall semester (october) july 15th
    spring semester (march) nov 15th

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    Does anyone who is in the program now, can you give me like your times that your in class. is it 8-5pm?? Just so I know to prepare myself and know what kind of part time job I can plan on applying for. Thanks
  6. by   dmfisher86
    I am currently in the program, finishing up the second half of med/surg at the moment. Your first semester and a half (depending on your transfer credits), you will be in class 8-5 for nursing courses, but gen ed courses can vary depending on when you register for them. Once you start clinicals, you drop labs, but clinicals can vary. MOST are 7 A -1 Ps, but there are 3 P-9 Ps. As far as a job goes, I would find a place that is VERY flexible. I am lucky because I just work at a retail job right now and have been weekends only since fundamentals started. One day a week currently with all the work required for med/surg. I also volunteer at a hospital on Tuesday mornings (possibly switching to Wednesdays soon). So my recommendation is doing something that will help you find a way to get a job when you graduate and one that is willing to work with your schedule at school.

    It's a lot of work, and I don't recommend over working yourself. School is way more important. They aren't flexible about work either. They will tell you that you shouldn't work, but obviously that doesn't work for everyone. I know people who do work full time, but many of them are struggling. It's really up to you.
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    wow, I know its alot of work. Right now im a Certified Medical Asistant and all pre reqs are done. But I know I need to work for sure, I am a single mother. I hope it will be possible to do both! Maybe I will have to switch to working nights. You really helped me alot!