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  1. Hello! I was just accepted to Chamberlain College of Nursing, the Chicago campus. Im starting in the fall (2013) and was wondering if anyone else here is starting as well?

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  3. by   jenniferkampy
    Congrats!! I'm starting at the Addison campus!! I know this doesn't really help you but I just wanted to say congrats
  4. by   Manda7727
    Thanks! and Congrats to you as well!
  5. by   DidiRN
    Moved to Illinois State Nursing Programs for best response.
  6. by   Manda7727
    I would prefer it be in the Student nurses section where I posted it originally. How do I move it back?
  7. by   virgonurse89
    Hi, just got the call i'm accepted into the Chicago campus yay!!!
  8. by   luvnlfe,LMT
    I have been at Chamberlain Chicagop since Jan 2013, but I start all nursing classes in the fall.
  9. by   Manda7727
    That's amazing, congrats!
  10. by   virgonurse89
    what was your GPA and hesi score? if you don't mind.
  11. by   Manda7727
    Yeah sure. My GPA was 2.91 and my HESI score was 94.
  12. by   virgonurse89
    What is the next step after the acceptance call?
  13. by   Manda7727
    I had to go in and meet with an advisor. I filled out some paperwork, payed for the drug test and background check and went over some financial stuff. After the results come back from the drug test and background check then you go in to register for classes.
  14. by   Manda7727
    How do you like Chamberlain so far? Im transferring in credits so I start nursing classes in the fall too.