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  1. Hi all,

    I've been trying to do some research about the best hospitals to work for and all the threads I found on the issues seem to be from a few years back. I'm looking for some insight on Chicagoland/south suburb hospitals as far as staffing, benefits, morale, education, and pay. I've had a few interviews (palos, st joes, hinsdale, lagrange, south sub), but want some insider opinions about what the environment is really like. Any insight is greatly appreciated Thanks!
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  3. by   NeuroICU_Sara
    I have a friend that works for Adventist Hinsdale and loves it! I've also heard good things about Prescence St. Joe's in Joliet.
  4. by   efudacz26
    I work at Hinsdale as a PCT and love the hospital and nurses
  5. by   melc0305
    The latest (or maybe one before) issue of Chicago Magazine had the top hospitals in Chicago. Granted, it probably was geared to being a patient there, but it was a good read. It reported on staffing, technology, etc.

    Editing to add it included the suburbs as well.
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  6. by   CManteck
    I have heard that overall, the University of Chicago Medical Center is one of the best. However, I also have a close friend who has been working at Lutheran General out in Park Ridge for a number of years now and has NEVER had anything even semi-negative to say about the facility. Northwestern is also a quality facility and I have a few friends that have been working there for years. They all have had great experiences and their positions within the facility range from CNA to doctor.