Aurora University IL Applicants Fall 2013!!! - page 2

Hi guys! Just looking to see who all has applied for AU's 2013 Fall bsn program. I believe that the acceptance letters are going out sometime in March. Does anyone know any information about the... Read More

  1. by   Friskee
    Does anyone know when acceptance letters go out? I want to call and ask but im sure tons of other people already have
  2. by   CA_RNBSN
    my pre-nursing student guide only specifies that the letters are going out in March. I found a thread from 2011 that said that they got their letters around March 22nd-25th...haven't been able to find out when letters went out last year. Spring break is the first week of March so I'm guessing they won't go out until the second week of March?
  3. by   Samantha_22
    Hey guys, does anyone know on average what TEAS score/ GPA will get you into AU nursing program?
  4. by   Friskee
    I dont know what will get you in. It changes every year. I was told by my advisor that last years average was a 3.2 gpa with a 72 teas.
  5. by   Friskee
    This wait in unbearable. Has anyone gotten any letters yet?
  6. by   CA_RNBSN
    I feel the same! Nothing yet. I already started checking the mail. This week is spring break, I overheard that last year letters went out over spring break. I keep having dreams that I've been accepted lol
  7. by   Friskee
    Hahahaha I know how you feel! I hope they do!
  8. by   Storshar
    I called *********** today and all she knew was some time this month the letters are going out. The admission committee has finished reviewing the files and are currently on spring break. She doubts the letters will be sent out this week. The waiting game is dreadful!!
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  9. by   Friskee
    Has anyone heard anything?
  10. by   CA_RNBSN
    They were put in the mail today, so I heard!!
  11. by   kelly.lynn
    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  12. by   Samantha_22
    nope, not yet :/
  13. by   kelly.lynn
    This wait is awful!! I'm pretty much stalking my mailbox